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Fora Sporting .. It's sad to see all the corruption going on in portugal. sporting has been getting robbed left right and center. good job sporting
3 months ago
4 months ago
How many times did Diego Costa dive in this game?? And ppl still have the balls to say that Ronaldo dives a lot ... give me a break haters. btw what a game
5 months ago
Please man stop talking cause you obviously have no idea what you're talking about
7 months ago
Ur mental if you think that .. One game doesnt mean s**t .. and they played flippin Norwich
The way this man played today ..... I have no words to explain this guy.. Commentator on sportsnet said quote: If Ronaldo doesn't win it this year something wro...
Juninho17 can you please stop talking. It actually sad when you talk .. The way Ronaldo has played this season n especially this game is unheard of .. he was ba...
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PSG Vs. Nice
8 months ago
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Ronaldo=best in the world= World player of the year
Best in the world n always has been
9 months ago
Mourinho knows what he's doing, all chelsea needs in a star forward, cause im sorry but torres doesn't cut it. That's why he was after rooney.. I think Diego Co...
Hey mate, i give you 2 cool votes for supporting the lisbon lions. Forza Sporting!!!
Another bara guy being a fan boy
Its always a different game when they play
Don't act like barelona never had games given to them .. bara is known for that
People always hate on pepe n I can see why but the truth of the mater is, is that every team needs a defender like that as bad as that sounds .. they need a def...
Stop hatting on ronaldo... he did nothing wrong at alllllll
Ronaldo and Messi are in a class on there own .. but between ronaldo and messi, Ronaldo better he scored 8 goals this week alone he was coming off back to back ...
1 year ago
Hahahahahahahahhahaha love it!
2 years ago
For me this game was the final italy got blown out 4-0 .. portugal you made us all proud thank you
Ronaldo Is By Far the best in the world wow!
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