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During the Sporting goal celebration, i swear i thought each player had "we suck" written on the bottom back of their jersey....
7 years ago
To tell the truth, Rooney made the Fifa 11 look like reality...
Well, Barca may not be perfect but we are symbolic to angels.... Divine Football Maestros...... A Heavenly Army of the Demigods of the beautiful game.
For God's sake, half of these players on both teams are on the German national team. Why the hell do you guys fight?
Oh i assure you that Real Madrid wont catch up, that's for sure.
Definately not someone from your team.....
This is exactly what's going through Messi's mind when he scored his first goal - "Ok. Pass. Now i pass you back. Relax Xavi! three minutes is enough time to sc...
You forgot about that nasty foul on evra, that took a lot of time too. I wonder if the referee was really blind... I mean, first not awarding that obvious penal...
In your dreams? Possibly.... In reality? I would never live to see it.
Ooohhhhh come on. Dont Blame the keeper, he cant do anything about it. Barcelona is just too good!!!!
If Rafa Benitez still wants to think of a career as manager, he would better take a spoon of Leonardo's s**t as medication....
The referee made sure that all the spectators knew what his two favourite colours were before they all left the stadium.
" it seemed that any of the two teams could have won it." - Even if it was the 90th minute, i would bet my PC Barca would still manage to win.
Dear number 5 on my keyboard, sorry for abusing u so much. You cant blame me or barca for it, because its my job to inform the world and its barcelona's job to ...
Talking of top three's, they were all playing in this match and we all know that. Lionel Messi, Xavi Hernandez and Andre Iniesta. Obviously Ronaldo does not bel...
Well, you too should have learnt by now that Real Madrid should just forfeit their next match against Barcelona from now on.
With all due respect to a Chelsea Fan, I belive that Chelsea is on the right track. They were just a bit unlucky not to get a better win. It is obvious that our...
You can sure tell by this game who is the REAL - MAD - RID .... They are on fire.....!!!
.... ..... .... All I can say is that this game was a MESSI-VE EXPLOSION BY MESSI. Barca 4 Lyf.
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