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7amood3arif wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Ballotelli 9 match ban
2 years ago
9 match ban
Almost every comment has a reply or a alott of likes :p
Sergio Aguero £ 38 million Edin Dzeko £ 27 million David Silva £ 25 million Mario Balotelli £ 25 million Carlos Tevez £ 25 million Samir Nasri £ 25 millio...
I saiid hes not a DIVER, he dived in the arsenal game but not everytime u cant tell some1 a diver just because he dived once
But liverpool did deserve to win this game :p
Both teams played well, liverpool deserved more, suarez is not a diver and every player dives.congradualations arsenal.
Somewhere on FootyTube
F**k u both asswholes liverpool beat united this year and i never heard of a team called numancia so shut the f**k up
A manchester united fan thats likes liverpool? :p
My man of the match was Bridcutt, he scored 2 goals vs liverpool in anfield!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Somewhere on FootyTube
Whenever liverpool play against city he must have a complain
Yeah he needs times and he scored more goals than torres
Third sunderland won even ;)
He said nigrito not *egro, nigrito means friend i think and no1 has evidence that he he told him. Even Evra said i dont think luis is racist 8 match ban is craz...
Lucky blackburn... we deserved to win this game.
Somewhere on FootyTube
We played against man city and after 48 hours against chelsea the same thing we had stronger matches u have sunderland and us we had u and chelsea we tied again...
Fu** off !!!!
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