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Forreal; cristiano has shown wat he can do in england and on th national stage from long time nd messi juz ovr th last two years has "gotten good" - it took mes...
7 years ago
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This is sooo sad, he's most definitely a legend - he has made th best team in the world better
If rodallega nd n'cockbia r bettr than chicha nd nani, then y arent they playin for a bettr team??? and further more chelsea dont derserve to even b inn th top ...
Luk at th lil child callin ppl silly nd dumb, i bet u cudnt even kick a ball for ur friggin life
Umm, ur a liverpool fan. i really dnt think u shud b tlkin cuz ur entire team is gone dwn th drain. CR7 is juz the best
Just don't do that s**t, because it only makes you silly and dumb noob
Yo pussy find sme teams tht can actually play
Hey kidd, grow th f**k up
Juz a hater, messi is boring along with barcelona so go home son
Nigel de jong shud get kicked outta th premier league for that s**t!! he does tht evry friggin time!!
Ohk, ohk, wel here this, Messy(spelt tht way on purpose) is alot shorter than Cristiano and yet Cristiano takes on players and beats them far bettr than Messy. ...
Brejin if u gonna type my name type it rite,LyvrTird.
Brudah u mad awa??? cr7 did great things, yes; but its always been down to how well th players were doing TOGETHER we dont rely on juz one man so get ur sh*t st...
Almunia cudnt hold onto a ball for his life!!
Shut ur face kidd, rooney is doin well he just hasnt got back to full fitness nd u cnt tlk cuz wher in th hell are liverpool goin???
Could messi have taken a free-kick like that, NO! juz goes to show who the best in the world is
Srry buddy bt u got 1st nd 2nd completely wrong, it goes 1.Man.Utd. 2.Arsenal 3.Chelsea 4.Tottenham ----------- 5.Man.City. 6.Liverpool 7.Everton ---------- 8...
No they wont
8 years ago
I wud lyk to c u put ur money where ur mouth is
Dont say tht remeber th ball is round, so anything can happen
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