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I knew Spain already lost the moment Neymar score the second goal although there is like more than half time life. No fighting spirit, just like the CL SF Barce...
4 years ago
Even perhaps you are some other team supporters, please give a longer highlight...please
5 years ago
Oh come on. You guys don't even know it was a red card until the stewpid ref given it. Yet u r claiming it is a clear straight red. And does anyone think RM t...
The tactic to rest players bite Arsene back. I'd say play them in FA and, highly potentially they'll win, they will have the confidence on Bayern match and at t...
I will say arsenal still have slight chance away. If Arsenal score first, Bayern might be pressured to defend for the second goal. Being away and already off pr...
We are all waiting for this Nani...keep it up, u'll be great. To those Nani haters gethefarkoff...
Cant even beat WBA at home and still talking lol
Great game. RM definitely own the night with superb attacking football. Man U tactic played right to it to earn a massive draw. DDG, Welbeck, Di Maria and Ozil ...
Outstanding attacks and goals - Man United, Chelsea Outstanding defends and saves - Manchester City Outstanding midfields and wing plays - Liverpool, Arsenal B...
OMG sissoko is so fast and have good positioning. A very good buy by Newcastle. Certainly will make difference and add to EPL scores list. Chelsea dissapointed...
Good to see Nani is starting and played well. With Young injured and Val out of form, he is definitely the much needed winger at the moment. i will prefer kag...
Oh come on Chelsea fans, get over it. We lead Everton by 4-2, yet final 5 mins we let in 2 goals and drew the game. That could easily be one of the factor we l...
What? No Ronaldo vs Messi? No red card? No ref bias? No Mou drama? Hmm, no fun...
Haha so you guys point being I shouldn't commented immaturely or incorrectly or shouldn't comment at all if I don't watch the match? Well, whatever makes you ha...
Apparently they never listen
That's what happened if u run communism in monarch environment.
Ooouuccchhh... The same feeling we had with Tottenham. s**t happen guys.
Maturity level mate. Still young and developing. Especially when reacting to silly mistake. At his age, I will take his current performance any day
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