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The prophet Mohammed said,"a time will come when the murderer won't know why he has committed a murder,and victims won't know why he has been killed".saheeh Muslim.

"...whosoever Kills w innocent human being,it shall be as if he has killed all mankind,and whosoever saves the life of one,it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind..".The holy Qur'an 5:32
132 kids,132 dreams,132 families,132 leaders;all gone within an hour # Peshawarattack
May all those beautiful ,innocent souls rest in peace:-(
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@che,agreed 100%
4 hours ago
Https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153348693204305 top five academy goal this week.check out the first one,fabulous..
@tanmay,why bother about hate we received for cesc saga.if there anything,we should hate them more for hijacking our young talents by using contractual issues a...
14 hours ago
If I like,I would join in US army,I wI'll see more battlefield then;-)
1 day ago
"Against Barcelona, most of the teams sit deep," Suarez told Kicker. "That was something I had to get used to, even though I am used to the physical battle as a...
He been doing great lately,if he continues his form,we would definitely want our board to sign him one more year especially we still doesn't have enough quality...
^oh,the irony,lol.
^ true,or when pepe stomped messi hand,or Ramos elbowing every possible opponents in the air,or ronaldo blame referees for every rm loses against us or he showi...
2 days ago
Lol,why is it now.it is ridiculous to act something like th th this now,where we're these lfp when ronaldo pushed pep infront of barca fans or when mou poked in...
^ lol,in that case,every clubs' fan base include real Madrid's as well get punished.flawed logic..
Lol,best club in the world,i would say rather corrupt club.. @daNNY,rm has 92 win against us and we have 90 against you and if you count something unauthorized ...
3 days ago
Neuer Lahm----Pique----Ramos---Alaba Modric------Busi------Iniesta Messi----saurez----Ribery Subs : Ronaldo,Rakitic,Muller,Neymar,Schweini,Robben,Kroos The...
Two most likable teams,its very sad to see africa going back again with out world cup.They are more like argentine football team,always oozes us with extra ordi...
Iker not to be blamed for last game.while everyone giving you guys how it wasn't iker's fault,then you stubbornly keep saying same.anyway it's your keeper,you g...
Seeing Messi against Manchester City almost made me cry, he's so good" he told El País.ander Herrera. These players are worshipping him yet some people thin...
A child can't take proper joke here,sigh..
4 days ago
Lol Malik,you are so soft on them,they had real go when our fans did the same:-) Anyway it's the sensible way to describe these acts.every fan base has their sh...
That's what maaza said:-) if it would been xavi,you will make big meal out of it.
^ yep,like xavi you mean..
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