4ever (Hubaisil Ancy) soo sad :(:(:(
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Loved the article ,but i disagree about many things .when i came to know the appointment of tata here ,was really thought and hope for the success of him though...
7 hours ago
Http://www.goal.com/en/news/1717/editorial/2014/04/16/4754499/the-hilarious-story-of-rino-gattuso-trying-to-kill-andrea?ICID=HP_PN_4 i laughed my ass off when ...
^well ,we said it all which you mentioned ,just scrolled back some pages ,you can find it .i laughed when xavi said we were unlucky after the atleti game becaus...
I say no conspiracy theories ,that's what i hate ..it's fine to say we were unlucky or we were deserved better ,but all those people saying is so different ,i f...
He is so clinical,a trait which can rarely apply for a barca player and his goal from the final was out of this world .he has a bright future ahead imho ..
Wellwell he said no crime .and it's our defensive mistakes from alves side helped rm to score both goals ..rm opted a usual tactics which everyone opting agains...
That's probably because we lost the game ,that's the beauty of our players ;stay calm n humble whether it win or lose .imagine if rm lost the game ,cristiano n ...
^there is no denying fact that rm got most of 50-50 calls which is quite expected due to all criticism against ref . by your players .i didn't see the replay of...
Good thing is that we don't need to defend any of ref . decision because we actually lost it .this loss is actually isn't hurting ,may be because i was expected...
2 days ago
Thats the future .atpresent it sucks little though ..
Great goal from bale ,Thats insane ..you guys deserved it ,congrats ..
Let's send out all bad apples now ..good thing is that i was expected much worse than this ..
Thats f*****g insane goal from.applaud it ..
Saddest thing is we have montoya who can cross well n defense well .smh ..
You don't know about his invisible trick ,do you ?
Goal from set piece ,reminds me that we are playing against rm defense :)
Thats a clear hand ball from isco ..ref clearly scared to take cards ..
Cross Alves needed to sub off the..this is f*****g crazy ..
Lol ..someone in rm forum telling how ref .bosing this match .if ref little favourable to them ,then its called bossing .if not ,then uefalona .. Edit . pepe s...
Well ,rm either .its just that they got an offside goal ..
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4ever soo sad :(:(:(
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