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The prophet Mohammed said,"a time will come when the murderer won't know why he has committed a murder,and victims won't know why he has been killed".saheeh Muslim.

"...whosoever Kills w innocent human being,it shall be as if he has killed all mankind,and whosoever saves the life of one,it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind..".The holy Qur'an 5:32
132 kids,132 dreams,132 families,132 leaders;all gone within an hour # Peshawarattack
May all those beautiful ,innocent souls rest in peace:-(
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Mario saureznis bitch..
1 minute ago
5 minutes ago
Wtf with saurez,lol
13 minutes ago
Any live stream bros??
16 minutes ago
I would be very surprised if real Madrid get any punishment related with this matter.99 out of 100 times,they would escape like recently it happened with zidane...
2 hours ago
Ronaldo will serve just two match ban,seems dark side still holding that ring.disgrace..
3 hours ago
This is the reason why people saying football has one world and one language,i had experienced everything you guys are experienced:)One of our neighbour(typical...
@zizozil,if you consider saurez as a dog,then i would say ronaldo is more like bitch,he has all the characteristics of dog and he is whining too much. I hope h...
What a great thread,As much i thought i was playing like xavi,i can only say was more like ghost of cesc at best,too lazy to run much,better at defending than c...
According to marca,he get only one match ban because referee didn't report any violent conduct.Disgrace if that happen..
3 days ago
Was about to say that.Tata lost the grip at this point of time while seems lucho tightens grip now..
4 days ago
Well,we are clinically good which isn't case lately..it's away match as well..
This is the barca I knew:-)
The funny part is he deleted tweets in which he mentioned messi as best player in the world.He is smart enough to realize that ronaldo wouldn't shake his hands ...
5 days ago
Lol,people are reading too much taboo stories..
6 days ago
@hikmat,why are you guys worrying when you are tasting your own medicine.You guys were so bitter that you even complained for barca playing on 7'o clock and alm...
Suarez missing sitters and some reason rm fans blaming messi.f**k logic,lol..
Why worrying about an opinion.Everybody agrees that messi has that natural thing and ronaldo running on same wave length along with messi by training and polish...
That ring need to be destroyed,until then this war wouldn't going to stop:-)
Anfield is ever awesome.and I always love to watch Liverpool game except under that uncle Roy regime:-)
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