4ever (Hubaisil Ancy) feliç any nou :-)
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The prophet Mohammed said,"a time will come when the murderer won't know why he has committed a murder,and victims won't know why he has been killed".saheeh Muslim.

"...whosoever Kills w innocent human being,it shall be as if he has killed all mankind,and whosoever saves the life of one,it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind..".The holy Qur'an 5:32
132 kids,132 dreams,132 families,132 leaders;all gone within an hour # Peshawarattack
May all those beautiful ,innocent souls rest in peace:-(
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^ lol,those butthurts didn't realise their one day was yesterday. This is like mourincho talking about fair play football..
2 days ago
Thanks, 4ever. I've returned the favour :)
“He’s got an odd way of playing, particularly when he’s winning,” the former Spain Under-21 man told the media. “He’s always making gestures on th...
They were frustrated because they thought their tactics would effective against like forever,They became crazy because they realized they lost the grip against ...
Thanks for the request mate,I noticed that though you are rm fan,your unbiased when it related to barca matters.two cool votes for you:)
Welcome back Bro,Happy to see old members as knowledgeable as you returning back.Here am giving you first share of green votes:)
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Turks isn't Arabs,they have their own language and identity.the reason many wrongly believes they are as Arabs because they have been ruled Muslim world for cen...
3 days ago
We are bashing ronaldo for same reason though neymar isn't doing that bad.there were players,but he has to follow the roots of messi,xavi,iniesta,Pedro etc,even...
What am saying is if ronaldo serves two match bans,then every other player rightfully serves two match ban on off ball incidents..
I don't,that's not barca culture..
Just two match ban,otherwise its conspiracy.
Taken it from guardian commentary, Come on Atletico, how many more players can you get booked in that time? “So basically fight fans everywhere anxiously awa...
Lol,then shakira must be prepared today..
Sometimes he is trying to be our own version of ronaldo,he needed to stop that..
Everyone in the world doubted lucho,but nobody dares now,me as well:) by the way when messi leaving to chelsea or moyes coming to barca to replace lucho;) Hat...
I told you mario saurez is f*****g bitch..
Wrong assesment i guess,he been bad for just two season,apart from that he is as good as any great keeper..
Wtf with valdes,he is our best keeper in the history..
They wont play ball untill they have to,if they want play football,you should score at start..
Can we just say refereeing been s**t over all,,
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4ever feliç any nou :-)
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