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The prophet Mohammed said,"a time will come when the murderer won't know why he has committed a murder,and victims won't know why he has been killed".saheeh Muslim.

"...whosoever Kills w innocent human being,it shall be as if he has killed all mankind,and whosoever saves the life of one,it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind..".The holy Qur'an 5:32
132 kids,132 dreams,132 families,132 leaders;all gone within an hour # Peshawarattack
May all those beautiful ,innocent souls rest in peace:-(
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4ever wrote in On DaGazas wall
Hey Bro,how you? I just wanna enquire about a club called Atlético Paranaense,because one of rising talent named Romeo fernades set to join there.As a Brazilia...
5 hours ago
I wanted them to do same All the time,yesterday itself I got 42 points through robben:-)
Just look our rival forum,they are only active in match day and if they get chance to insult us,apart from that it's almost like graveyard only barca fans are m...
I just came here to check because I didn't see any problem in your initial post,but now I see you had used a very poor choice of word and which is even incorrec...
Don't know about you guys,but I find bundes liga is the most entertaining,bar from bayern matches which am not interested to watch much,the unpredictability of ...
^ I always try yo get weekly highlights for all leagues and watching it live if have enough spare time. I am talking about epl fans because I haven't been gone ...
^ Mexican!!
@tomi,I am not gonna accuse anything out here.But it'. You might have watching other leagues,but large portion of Epl fans not paying any attention for other le...
You know back in years,we being accused as cheaters,bribes referees and UEFA or creating players from lab by using loaded hormones etc,so for us,it's pay back t...
1 day ago
@zilch,I didn't accuse you either mate:-) But problem rose when caption of English champion thinks playing stoke away is more tougher than Playing against Barce...
^ when English fans started saying messi would be bad at epl because physical nature of league,or when they say la liga is s**t two horse league eventhough they...
I don't know whether players or Wenger to be blamed for arsenal failure.Imo both are collectively doing damage,but since it's not easy to replace entire team,I ...
^ partially due to the fact that you guys aren't bothering to watch other leagues;-)
2 days ago
Another day,another English club been tactically out classed by European counterparts,even as experienced Wenger couldn't able to put a decent tactics.When they...
The only positive thing I have to say, you guys are King of come back in lost cause.then again arsenal gonna score three goals with in 20 minutes of the game an...
So casual from arsenal.how would you expect anything from this team when they play like don't give a f**k attitude?
F**k giroud,how many more dude..
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