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The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better. Forget about the future, and live each day according to the teachings, confident that God loves his children. Each day, in itself, brings with it an eternity.
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^salty,why?LMAO. You're one of stupidest person in footytube,trust me,lol.
10 hours ago
Still can't believe real increased pitch width for to play against mighty wolfs,lol. And those who saying both teams playing in one pitch or what would be the ...
2 days ago
These traitor thing really baffling me,first thing is that there is no such intense rivalry between bvb and Bayern,he is at the peak of career,quite normally lo...
@hikmath,thats doesn't make any sense to me as well,still I don't understand why they wider the most widest pitch in Europe,lol.and it's confirmed news.
Well,this part of world, unhappy with pitch is more laughable than widening the most wider pitch in Europe against a team which stands eighth in their league.OK...
Actually Villarreal is favourite to win the cup since borussia out.
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4ever Visca el barca!!
They're doing fantastic job out there,currently they are close to best team in the world.I have nothing but respect for them and for simioni.But am against the ...
3 days ago
Tanmay: IMHO their success only makes liga into two horse to three horse,they will take their share and leave out minnows out there because I am not considering...
Exactly cloudest,that busi incident still talked by English pl fans after all these years,yet nobody even talking now about how koke stimulation got two Bayern ...
Come on guys,don't feed that arsenal guy,let him say whatever he wants to say,lol
Tanmay: I too heard Madrid blocking the movement.and am agreeing with you about the inequality been happening here. But am here precisely on to atleti,they're ...
^so true,I would like to see simione go to England and pulling these cheap tricks.remember what Jose did against us which was OK for entire world where everyone...
I never a fan of ney because of same issues,not a fan of Suarez acting too,but as a team,our mentality is different,that's all. If you're talking about somethi...
He is talking about a team as a whole or the mentality of coach,he is right,simione is Jose mourincho 's father,lol.
Some people still believes pep team still plays tiki taka,LMAO.
He is more of atleti fan,lol
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