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Bale 2?? Our medical team are the best time in the business, he has more emotional and mental issues than physical issues, one it sorted out, everything will he...
18 hours ago
Well, they need to sell their five oil refineries for two months loaning busi.
Can't expect more than a draw .
2 days ago
Self proclaimed best player in the history couldn't able to 25% of what the actual best player in the history doing in the pitch aka paulinho. Such a shame.
3 days ago
Snowing there, -16 degree reported yesterday, it may change to further down today.
So you still don't respect 14 number Jersey. Wow!
5 days ago
"At Barca we understand football as a space-time concept. Who dominates that? Busquets, Messi, Iniesta: they're masters of space-time" Xavi is being too modest...
6 days ago
Don't you dare to say it's ugly. It is the most iconic barca Jersey number ever since Cruyff wore that.
1 week ago
It's a rule here!
@honestebe, it sucks when your best player leaves in midway of the season, understandable to blame him,but as per our point of view, he should have came here i...
Coutinho: "I understand the size of the task ahead, the cost of the transfer, the status of the deal but this is about ambition, dreams. I want to play with th...
Ousmane was good considering it is his first start after a long interval. His positional awareness is really good, he keep drifting from one wing to another wit...
Conte on Mourinho's penchant for outspoken quotes might be a form of deflection: "I don't know. Now it is very difficult to do only cinema. Maybe in the past wi...
Conte on Mourinho's 'clowns on the touchline' remark: "I think maybe he was talking about himself in the past. Sometimes people can forget what they did in the ...
^ OK, cool. We have our differences since we all bit biased towards our respective clubs :)
Today, Matt Le Tissier, former Southampton player, was criticized by a Liverpool fan for supporting Coutinho. “Surely Liverpool should do right by him and le...
@nvjfooty, if that's true, then atleti have no right to go against us for speaking with Griezman because he has a clause and it's still a tapping and disrespect...
I heard this rumor, heard that Liverpool bud for Lemar accepted, if it's true, then cout to barca in matter of hours.but I won't believe it until I see it in ou...
It's just rumors still, don't fall in that. It's our board mate, we will keep this discussion till at the end of transfer deadline day.
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