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The prophet Mohammed said,"a time will come when the murderer won't know why he has committed a murder,and victims won't know why he has been killed".saheeh Muslim.

"...whosoever Kills w innocent human being,it shall be as if he has killed all mankind,and whosoever saves the life of one,it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind..".The holy Qur'an 5:32
132 kids,132 dreams,132 families,132 leaders;all gone within an hour # Peshawarattack
May all those beautiful ,innocent souls rest in peace:-(
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Sheikh has done admirably so far.The most important thing is that he he isn't interfering or bothering about day to day activities happening Manchester rather h...
6 hours ago
Unfortunately ,the God lives in Catalonia:-)
9 hours ago
IMO experience does matters.His linking between Messi is excellent and he was nowhere near as bad as when the season started,regaining form now.Anyway am certai...
23 hours ago
White left again!!
What if any of trinity got injured for a while,these youngsters not yet ready for regular starting line up except tello.only time will tell whether this could b...
As long as messi don't cry for not being selected in these category,there would be no drama..
There is little unfair criticism all around against mt1234.As far as I know he opposes neymar transfer because he believed we would lose our identity as a club ...
2 days ago
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That goal keeper was breathtaking.some of incredible reflex save I have ever seen.
3 days ago
@Malik,all we are saying they don't have luxury of London buses;-)
You guys bit harsh on munir.though he isn't scoring,he is involving every attacking play.May be you are expecting too much from 19 year old kid.
Burki,freiberg goal keeper,pulled many of breathtaking reflex saves I have ever seen against bayern.if it isn't him,bayern score line would reached into two dig...
You aren't a Muslim if you attack one single innocent person ,that's what I learned in my childhood.And so called religious protesters just doing the exact thin...
^ that's ridiculous way of comparing two different players in two different clubs,lol..
Bvb vs juve -- juventus,they are like atleti,hard to beat. Barca vs man city -- barca,city isn't good at parking bus,so choice rather easy. Psg vs Chelsea --p...
4 days ago
^ actually am not a stranger of city game.I had been watching regularly city game till season back.He is great,fantastic interception,commanding from the back,g...
Yep mate,that's what my point here..he get more recognition than he deserves,if you check our forum, then you can see everybody see him as best defender in the ...
That's true,lol.atleast I predicted Porto vs Base. As well:) Don't tell me,real Madrid will face arsenal/Monaco in next round.
5 days ago
Best possible draw:)
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