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Same here, however, I get the video thumbnail with the spinner showing indefinitely on OS X/Chrome. For what it's worth, following request returns 403: Reques...
2 years ago
4 years ago
Let me repeat myself yet another year! Arsenal doesn't have the champion mentality, moreover they are mentally complacent over the years, resigned to 4th place...
Suarez is one in a generation player. This guy is a winner. Amazing player that makes those around him that much better. I know it's a team sport in the end, bu...
4X3X3 just Watched
Toulouse Vs. PSG
Referee is a moron, how is the foul on Suarez not a penalty? Ox goes to challenge the ball, Suarez puts it past him and Ox takes/kicks the entire body of Suarez...
2nd one is goal of the week for sure
Soft penalty. Beautiful assist from Sturridge on Suarez's second.
5 years ago
Ronaldo took that upper-cut like a boss and scored. Much respect!
Ukraine goalie should try out for the volleyball team after that save. Shevchenko is the daddy of Ukrainian football
It was Chelsea that paid that sum. I have no malicious intent. It's the truth. 50-35 = 15 mil GBP in Liverpool's pocket. Torres and Carrol are both having awf...
6 years ago
Twice @ stamford bridge
That's a really soft red.
Man of the match: Bellamy He is one controversial guy for whom I have utmost respect. Glad to have him back in pool.
CE L'Hospitalet has one hell of a goalie.
1. Montenegran defenders should be told that it's ok to interfere with a pass/cross. Watching it go by you won't do you any good. 2. Rooney's father made a lot...
That chubster needs to stop throwing bottles
A team that doesn't respect its commander is no team at all.
What a first goal! Good passing from Ronaldo this game. He usually doesn't pass much on counter attacks.
Napoli has a team that would make Maradona proud. Napoli in the semi-final. Italian football would make hell of a comeback. Now, you only need Messi. ;)
Great goal by Nani
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