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Still can't believe Fellaini had to go and do that. Threw our lead when there was no need. Of all the luck.
4 days ago
We're looking at how the ref influenced the result, not the finishing from both teams. Chelsea took their chances well with 11 men still on the pitch, but it co...
1 week ago
Ronaldo, not Bale lol
Glad Jones is back, missed a defender with his determination and speed, plus he can be a destroyer in midfield too. Hope he stays fit!
Um Rooney made some crucial passes in the buildup to some of those goals before he was kicked in the face I swear... :/ agree with your other points though
Yeah hes become a beast since he came back from being a bench warmer
Loving this team lineup so far, so fluid
Thank god, a winger finding space in the box
Nah we were still good when Ronaldo left. Obviously we declined when Fergie left, along with Scholes, Giggs, and Rooney's decline just before Fergie's retiremen...
You're fking kidding me.... We can't make top 4 anymore?
Made some good chances, but the finishing has gotta be more ruthless
He's 35 dude, give him a break lol
This attacking lineup sucks :/ miss Rooney already
We do miss a star winger like Nani though tbh. He was actually consistent after Ronaldo left I thought, just until about a little after when Young arrived and h...
2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
Rooneys looked a different player since he was benched a few games ago. And boys! We CANNOT lose, with Carrick on the pitch :D
Yes please, we need a forward like him!
1 month ago
LOL that midfield lineup... what a snorefest :D
Always concede... shame
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