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I dunno, that's a whole other gas level with 4 trophies lol.
2 weeks ago
I'm just glad Spurs stopped City from getting through, I could see City winning it all if they had gotten here.
Why is Moura not on?
Terrible ending. The deaths in the final season have been so bad besides Jorah's. Jon got royally f****d over as well, he essentially did what Dany did (minus k...
3 weeks ago
Nah they f****d up when they decided the final season would only be 6 episodes. Even George R Martin admits they needed way more seasons to tell his story. It f...
1 month ago
Rather just have a team full of young talents than bring in established players, that way so they can develop and stay loyal in the long run. Don't mind if we d...
Pretty much, well at least till the season was over. Went downhill ever since the official statement.
I believe he meant Ajax will get stripped of their talent in the summer like usual
Wow. This year..... is nuts. Absolutely nuts. wow. An all English final!!
Yeah I'm not even mad, played entertaining football for years and now they got a solid defense and a great manager. All this takes time, we could learn somethin...
HOLY f**k
Oh damn Messi!
Probably Man City
Not a smashing but there's still a second leg to go :) pretty unfortunate Son was suspended. Really hope either of these teams go and win it all though
My bad? Out of habit as Spurs were way clear in 3rd spot but now given others a lifeline to overtake them. Too bad all the others are not capitalising on each o...
Spurs choke again lol... Question, if Arsenal or Chelsea happen to win the Europa League, does that render the 4th spot out of CL next season?
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