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Not worth that much, move on please. We could fill many positions with that kind of money. We're getting played. Don't think Pogba would want to stick around fo...
1 day ago
Wales better win, Portugal is so dry to me
2 weeks ago
Yep, our DM department is a little thin I feel. We're gambling on Schneiderlin to perform, or Bastian to stay fit. Then theres the 34 year old Carrick...
3 weeks ago
If France had Benzema then sure, but I think it will be Spain or Germany to be honest. But who knows, there could be an upset. Come on England
1 month ago
Well its a friendly lol, seems like Roy is being stubborn and wants all three of his star strikers to feature at once. Reminds me of the time England manager tr...
Yea no idea why Young ain't on the left and Martial in the centre instead. Guess LVG does not want to remove Martial from his favourite position
2 months ago
Rooney :O A captain's run right there
We can never win the FA Cup can we...
I'm done.
But Young is quality
Another prediction came true: Kiranpmody(Manchester United)24 minutes ago 3rd goal from Smalling. All United - England squad members to score. Come on! All pl...
Maybe because he did? I just meant I missed the part where LVG sent him to do it.
Uh no I literally misread the news, why would they lie about that. But I agree the media is unreliable.
Nevermind, misread the news. Oh well.
It is believed that Giggs recommended LVG to sign Martial after having scouted him for a year.
Martial was not even LVG's signing, Giggs made the move. Had the club not be bold enough to pay the large sum for him, I don't know how low we'd have sunk this ...
Many players aside from them selected English players end their career on a low. Zidane for example sent off in the world cup final. Doesn't mean anything reall...
Wow just saw what happened to the Utd bus, fking trash fans damn... Who'd wanna come to England now
Won't be surprised, this must be a big boot to the team's morale, Martial's and De Gea's efforts shitted on. European spot put in OUR hands, and we threw it awa...
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