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Fking finally, we honestly should stop short corners when we have someone like Mhki that can take it!
1 month ago
Is it me or does Mhki look alot stronger and fitter for this season? What a player too
2 months ago
We need to get rid of this "cross into the box because we have a tall player" mentality, pisses me off, especially when Rashford can't cross for s**t
We were playing real good up until Valencia made that mistake that cost us to concede. But Blind's crosses......my lord
So any idea on the best starting lineup with our current squad?
3 months ago
Isn't there beef between Mou and Ronaldo?
4 months ago
I'm guessing it was something racial since Valencia stepped in and pushed him over
5 months ago
Fair enough you think he is not worth the money we spent. But he should not be singled out when he was better than the majority of players out there today, whic...
If you're ripping on Martial, might as well rip on Lingard too, because wtf did he do today?
Yeah I'm surprised Martial is being singled out here. No one performed well really, but because our usual scapegoat ain't around we pick on other players lol
Or at least Blind, who use to be our corner kick taker even as a defender
Focus on Europa League, and win the Portugal way since we have so much trouble scoring a clean goal against a relegation side. Another draw at home boys!
When did we decide to make Rashford take all the set pieces??
On the plus side, top 4 is still up for grabs if we win our next game in hand.
Nevermind, but wow what a dive, talk about over exaggeration
Uh wasn't there stats on skysports no so long ago where it says Ozil has covered WAY more distance than Sanchez in alot of their games? :/
6 months ago
Glad to see you eat your own words after badmouthing Mou's selections :D But I guess in the heat of the moment, we can say just about anything
When is Mata back?
Gotta give it to Mhki, he has played very well today
It's always either too strong and wide, or hit too weak... I always thought he was a good placer of the ball, but I am wrong :/
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