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13rady10 wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
I agree with @ch3ls3a and @ArseAnalFC
6 years ago
Lol I wonder why its mostly just liverpool fans that are getting mad? I mean it's not like young made racial slurs and refused to shake players hands or anythi...
Im pretty sure spain only won the world cup once lol. They gave Andy Carroll that headline because he has been in the news so much lately for being a total bus...
Then which league is?...
Ronaldo went for around that, there is no way in a million years hulk would be worth that much. he would have to be at the same caliber of ronaldo and messi. o...
At the end of the day a Barcelona fan is going to dis united no matter what!
Sorry Rharllaimcy, cant understand what your saying bro, you should take some english classes.
Lol kaka 9800 nobody said milan sucks plus guess who united was missing today rooney and vidic and refael. I also love how whenever manchester dosen't win every...
Somewhere on FootyTube
City fan's have to take their medicine and realize that they aren't at Manchester united's level yet. I think Manchester united's second goal proves that.
Well barcelona may not have been fielding their best players but if you look at who united was playing and who they took off at half i think you could say unite...
Lol city fans win their first trophy in like 33 years and now they think they can bad mouth the three time champions league winners and 19 time premier league c...
Ok well that challenge in the box was probably worth the penalty it got but that was one of the biggest dives I have ever seen. This is one thing North America...
7 years ago
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