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12duffjr wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Yeah loic remy plays for Marseille not PSG. Article lost all credibility
Is jenkinson faster than sagna? he seems to have some ridiculous pace
Great to see giroud play well. He might have to rotate with walcott the way hes playing though.
So looking forward to it
6 years ago
He played the first half. Glad he was subbed though he needs rest. He was probably kind of tentative. Hes likely to be well aware of the consequences for arsena...
Johnsons a deserving starter. ive always been impressed by him. I think Walcott should always be use as a 70th minute sub though. His pace is just too much to d...
Somewhere on FootyTube
How is PFA player of the year even a question. I figured Van Persie had it locked
I get that people are mad about Bale, but come on if one of your own players did it youd be happy you won a penalty. Lets just leave it at that. Was I pissed ab...
Source please
Enjoy some really A+ football at Panathinaikos...
I could watch these highlights all day long
F**k that Dempsey has had so much success at Fulham and I'd like to think he's pretty loyal to them. He gets a hat trick and all of you douches are calling for ...
I think theyd tie a lot
As much as it pains me to say it. If tottenham hold on to bale and modric and sign adebayor permanently theyll be a serious contender for years to come..
Thats the problem with chelsea fans and chelsea as a whole. THey wont allow a manager to settle in.
He'll have to wait a while for that UCl winner eh?
I think adebayor has realy matured since his arsenal days. He is a real talent harry better make sure to keep hold of him
It seriously isnt out of the question which is the crazy thing
What in gods name was mannone doing?
What was the wrong decision. He shouldve risked injuring our best players in an absolutely meaningless game?
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