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Myself (Omar) from London, Canada
NerazurriGunner (Sami Allaheq) from Vancouver, Canada
I like footy i guess
Im from Malaysia and currently staying in NZ, big fan of arsenal since 2002.
RD201290 (Rob Dallakyan)
Redhertz (David) from London, UK
Smellysocks (Heinrich Schluter) USA
Soundtrack76 (Nino Girardi) from St.Gallen, Switzerland
I love to play football on the streets or on the field :) I find its the most relaxing part of the day :) Always do it before and after school with my self of my mates. I hate it w ...
I am not a glory hunter, that's why I am with Arsenal. Read between the lines :D But that aside, I support Arsenal mainly because of their football philosophy and likeable playe ...
Threkstari (Threk Stari) Netherlands
Things by me: -15 FAQs that are related to the board (link: http://arseway.wordpress.com/2012/10/10/15-faqs-that-are-related-to-the-board/ ) 2012-Jan-12 -A decade of profits ...
Vantastic (Osama Tariq)
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