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NerazurriGunner (Sami Allaheq) from Vancouver, Canada
Im from Malaysia and currently staying in NZ, big fan of arsenal since 2002.
RD201290 (Rob Dallakyan)
Redhertz (David) from London, UK
Smellysocks (Heinrich Schluter) USA
Soundtrack76 (Nino Girardi) from St.Gallen, Switzerland
Tdsmufan (Tristan Da Silva) Canada
Aiming to be a professional footballer someday, not many opportunities in Canada as the sport is not so popular as the ice hockey or american football just to give some examples. A ...
I am not a glory hunter, that's why I am with Arsenal. Read between the lines :D But that aside, I support Arsenal mainly because of their football philosophy and likeable playe ...
Threkstari (Threk Stari) Netherlands
I'm a real cunt. Just ask Godspeedysick
Vantastic (Osama Tariq)
College student who's just a crazy g00nner!!
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