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Why not Donald Trump? :P
1 hour ago
The surprise for me was that we did not go for 1 more player (although there were no strikers in the market so not surprised there). We dropped Szczesny, Podol...
Because a lot of fans think that if they want a world class striker, he should simply be available to sign. Most of us regulars here knew that we weren't getti...
Martial's a good player. I don't see what the problem is here. We've seen before that for our top 3 rivals, the transfer fee isn't an issue. He has so much p...
I can see Wenger and the Board falling out at the end of this contract. It's possible, although I still think highly unlikely. The ball IMO is still very much...
On the other end, poor Bournemouth. I think they've carried their start well but not got as many points as they perhaps should have. I think they'll run out o...
3 days ago
Surely with the start they've had respectively, ManCity are establishing themselves as at least equals with Chelsea for the title. We need to get our offense t...
:( worst news of the summer for me
4 days ago
I'm in favor of video replays on a challenge-based system by managers. But there is an issue of what if an offside is called and the play stops, and then vid...
6 days ago
We lacked some width yesterday without Bellerin. Debuchy played well, but he doesn't play as wide as Bellerin does, and Cazorla on the wings also isn't good be...
3 weeks ago
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