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It's a shame it didn't win best screenplay at the Oscars that year.
15 hours ago
"If I grew up on a farm and was retarded Bruges might impress me.... but I didn't doesn't!" If you haven't seen Seven Psychopaths its also really go...
16 hours ago
Usual Suspects is great what are you talking about Dougie? Kayzer Soze... that limp bastard! Lol stupid chat system... If you want some catchy dark humour...
17 hours ago
They were really minor injuries if I remember correctly.
He says he wants him now >_>... What would be funny if he gets in the form of his life again.
I'll never look at Ferby's the same way ever again.
I saw this on reddit. And I love how when Bayern did this /r/soccer praised them but when we do it nothing... Whatever... DATS RIGHT I'M BITTER >:(
1 day ago
Inter might be a decent team next year. Vidic and Torres. Not bad I'd say.
I got an error.
You don't watch the right shows then Ethio.
It's probably a bruised shin too. Nothing career ending though which is good to hear.
2 days ago
Seriously? That's a huge blow for Spain.
Eto'o missed a lot... Cursed away from home.
Well Salah scored more goals than Moses in the PL in his time with us lol.
God that was so stupid but good for the win.
Lol he's 21...
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