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Tharius.. not necessarily insults.... if he does well we can always make a nice lil fat nickname for him lol I go for Don fatbulous :D
1 hour ago
But what if im referring to madrid as in the club and not the city...
2 hours ago
Oh alright.. so what about fat madrid waitor?
But we are still allowed to say he is fat? cause, u know, he is fat....
3 hours ago
If he fixes madrid's defense instead of focusing on it's attack, then he can actually be successful. but no... no madridista is happy
7 hours ago
^ which means he will eventually be sacked whether he wins with madrid or not....
Perez? every last one of them need to go "I am a supporter of Real Madrid, and not of any one manager or player" lol imagine how f****d we would be if our bo...
2 days ago
WE? lol deep down inside i've always loved chelsea.....
Http://pixartimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Toy-Story-2-Al.jpg be afraid Madridistas... be very afraid :v
Between isco and james in attack mid? James edges it for me.. I think most madridistas would agree but we all love disco
Knew this game would be hot... wtf pipita?!?!?!
Gonna watch the Napoli vs Lazio match... should be a big big game.. last game of the season in Italy and Napoli needs to win to qualify for the Champions League...
3 days ago
Sigh... dont even get me started man.. right now im really fed up with this club
Yep, Hierro is also about to step down
@malik.. he never really did reach his full potential in barca... @guidas Still think he hasn't reached his full potential with arsenal... if he had some mor...
4 days ago
Im sure 80k or 90k for sterling isn't that bad given he is talented and young.... he is a little unproven but he's not a player i wouldn't like seeing as an op...
5 days ago
As a madridista i'd give away every fancy goal we've scored for the past 3 seasons for one more hopeful, ugly, dirty, nasty, sweaty ass goal vs Juve to take us...
Hey guys... been out for a couple of days so this might be a little long.... first: "Benítez is 99% certain to take charge of Real Madrid." - Carlos' Agent ...
1 week ago
Good first half... Excellent second half
Passing of the torch? lets hope what we all witnessed yesterday is the beginning of something historic... http://tinyurl.com/mokpy3f
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