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@Jeroen I would understand if they were demanding 40-50 million. 25 million for Schneiderlin is not expensive, its a solid price.
2 days ago
@SiF Is it steep? £25 million for a player of his quality, with PL experience and only 25 years old sounds like a steal to me.
Sky also saying Southampton have had no other contact from any other clubs so I guess that's a positive... Honestly I cant believe this s**t, he is so worth ┬...
Http:// Well that's terrible news... Appare...
Yes. It looks fantastic.
3 days ago
@Drde159 Lol I didn't think of the exchange rate. Yeah that sounds about right mate.
Anyone else think that's a weirdly specific opening bid? Usually opening bids are quite flat, like £20 mill or £25 mill etc, that's so specific I wonder if i...
Sky sources reporting that we want Coleman. They're also saying that negotiations for Schneiderlin are still ongoing, not a done deal yet.
5 days ago
@Redordead94 I don't recall us bidding for either but imma let you have that. After all you'll need it after last seasons comedy, remember when we ended your...
Chelsea61 covered it well. Members get first shout on tickets, a season ticket buys you that seat for the full season and that seat will never be available to...
@REDDevil98 Wages mate. Nanis on like 100-120k a week, I doubt he is willing to take much of a pay cut neither so Fenerbache have to consider the net cost in ...
@Drde159 Yeah I understand, I'm often sceptical myself but Sky is usually right when they throw their own sources behind a story, as I said there was some quot...
6 days ago
@Godspeedysick Perhaps I should have worded that better, I wasn't making out like he was a bad passer its just Carrick has an exceptional passing range that fe...
Beat me to it haha. This is one that I really really want to happen, I think he's one of the best pure defensive midfielders in the world, hes the type of play...
@Kreddevil I'm with ya buddy. Not feeling this transfer at all, I know he has quality but as you said the price just doesn't look good and if SiF is right and...
1 week ago
Http:// Initial "discussions" for the transfer of Se...
Surely not, he's a terrible player, complete flop, cant even complete a pass. Encase you couldn't tell I was being sarcastic.
Really? I knew this would start when it became clear Liverpool were getting Firminho. Our fans didn't even give a s**t when we were first linked to Firminho, ...
SiF is right. 20 million for De Gea is pathetic, for that kind of money we might as well keep him for another season, he could be the difference between CL qua...
I'd just like to add that playing time is ultimately more important than the Europa / CL question. Firminho by no stretch of the imagination would have been a...
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