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You dream of random men running around too:p i kid i kid..i just couldn't get that guess who, guess's him again out of my head..that commentator knows ...
1 week ago
I just like how they only seem to need 2 players to launch a successful counter...even if they don't enter the box their counters always seem to lead to a shot ...
Http:// If this doesn't get you excited for Agrentin...
I think it has to do with how he feels the midfield battle will go
I don't think wenger will compare jc with sanogo...sanogo helped us get rid of bendtner..sanogo should be compared to giroud..jc should be compared to a 22 year...
So apparently manu we're offered jamer rodriguez for 5m...but bebe joined instead:p
BWF they are good enough to play abroad...on their day english players are capable of amazing things e.g wilshere goal of the season, sturridge showed amazing c...
Has been showing signs of being the next best thing with his proving it at the big stage by out shinning messi and ronaldo..what a player..
No...the way they have done it is proper is a game of stamina at the end of the day...we are supposed to be watching capable athletes out there.....
Had a dream last night that we signed...guess who...guess's him again james rodriguez..i nearly slapped my nephew cause he woke me up...oh one can dre...
Greece are not cheats tbh...if this is cause of the penalty against ivory's simply not their one dived or went down easy..the player tripped...
We should just go for gustavo..looked pretty good tonight..imo brazil's best player..much more affordable than vidal maybe even javi martinez...
I think we will sign someone like viviano again but older..have him and martinez compete for 2nd...
When i grow up..i wanna coach russia
I feel you suarez..i lost my balance and fell on some steak last night
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