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I know rumors have been going around for a week now, but I don't see a link on that Tweet or any solid proof to back that up on or through a quick G...
7 hours ago
Almunia actually had a decent game that day. Crazy to be called in as a backup GK during a cup final like that. Miss those days when we had the older generati...
1 day ago
Germany favorites. I think if the Spurs duo in CB do well and the team finds the right set up, Belgium might win it too.
Benz is 28 now though. Giroud is 29. I feel like Wenger would like to bring in someone a little younger, especially since the Welbeck purchase is so on-hold d...
I haven't really watched Morata play so I can't say for sure. But Lukaku I don't think would fit us well in terms of personality and also being a dominant stri...
LOL I graduated this month actually with an accounting degree but close enough I guess. I have a background in operations/stats too. Also, that list will prob...
So what movements does this trigger? Does RM sell a striker? Does Dortmund buy one?
Also guys, it's Leicester and Ramsey. IK maybe you are on your phone or something, but it'd be great if you could try and spell things right. This isn't an at...
2 days ago
Posted this several pages back too but Ox to me lacks a special quality. He's good all-around. Decent at everything a midfielder should be able to do. But no...
There are lots of rumors that Koscielny will be given the captaincy. But I feel it will negatively impact his performances. Of course I don't know what he's l...
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