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Yeah his suspension for two yellow cards in the coppa italia has carried over.
1 week ago
Jesse Lingard looks like a young gollum in that rendering.
I think so. I think the rules cover any player that was in an academy for two years under the age of 18. He joined the club at 15 I think and left at 18 or 19....
2 weeks ago
So you're telling me the media completely inflated Pogbas fee and wages to try and stir up the ABUs, get them sweet sweet hits on their online rags and get them...
Pogba to wear the number 6. Thought he might of been given the number 8 but the media would have a f*****g fit if Mata lost his squad number. They tried to ma...
Np. For the lazy:
Lmfao that is even worse.
Smallings English. You forgot to add the extra £10 million. Bidding starts at 60 million. Didn't Arsenal bid for Smalling last summer? Wasn't it like £12 m...
Yeah with Mou and Pep at the helm of each club this has the makings of a legendary Manchester battle.
Pogba left because Fergie wouldn't play him when he was clearly ready for steady appearances in the first team. He was the best talent we've had at youth level ...
No one cares.
@Barracuda They're Rooneys "girls". He is just loaning them out to the new guy because he is such a swell guy.
Lmao I was thinking that as well SiF. Pretty sure its a world record shirt sponsorship deal already though right? But man everyone associated with the club pre...
Https:// New Zlatan chant. Lets hope it catches on. Its a damn shame the "Spanish Dave" chant never caught...
Https:// This is doing the rounds. Normally I would think that is shopped but he has his arms around the tw...
It definitely wasn't 1.6 before brexit then. I think I've overestimated that, sounds like it was more like 1.4, its around 1.2 now.
@SiF More or less. I think the pound was trading at 1 pound to 1.6 euros before Brexit or it was around that anyway. Not sure what its trading at now as its ...
Grizemanns a United fan as well isn't he? Pretty sure some pictures emerged of him wearing United shirts when he was a kid and I think he follows the club on s...
Https:// What the hell is this? Media are saying its Pogba celebrating the United move but on Griezmanns instagram account? It ...
I do agree that Rooney isn't making the starting 11 any stronger but people are deluded if they think Mou is going to drop him. He is the captain and Mou love...
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