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Damn if that's true Joey I hope it goes through. £18 million would be insane for RVP at this point in his career. Was expecting £5-10 million considering wag...
11 hours ago
Apparently The Sun has pictures of RVP's agent meeting the club for what they claim are "crisis talks" over his future, The Sun is a terrible paper and rarely g...
18 hours ago
Why have you assumed that the speculation concerning the players above and it is just speculation is true yet you appear dismissive of the speculation linking t...
1 day ago
I was thinking more in terms of what he brought to the dressing room. Was a great character.
@Gsiofy Maybe Evra. But Rio and Vidic are well past their best.
Not really bashing Madrid. Just made an observation that they have not been rolling in trophies.
Ronaldo, we knew he was good but his numbers at Madrid are beyond what I expected even though I knew he had all his peak years ahead of him. Fergie had an exce...
@SiF Yes he has one year mate. @CheMaradona Perhaps Barca can agree in principle and complete the move in January but I'm with SiF that it seems ridiculous a...
@Cheshire I've often wondered about this myself. I mean Ronnie left for Madrid 6 years ago now and has 1 La Liga title and 1 CL title and only one CL final to...
@Ttk Ahh gotcha. But why would she be in Manchester? Is it common to fly from Germany into Manchester and then to Spain. Looking at a map that looks a terrib...
Fair point Joey. I just want us secured in the CL places again is all, don't want us pulling a Liverpool and dropping back out after one season.
@SiF I thought that too SiF but look through her pics. Its definitely Gundogans wife. I think that might be her middle or surname before they were married. I ...
@Ttk86 How do you know that? The terminal says Manchester - Dusseldorf. I cant see Mallorca anywhere. EDIT Nvm, looked a few pics ahead and yeah she is in M...
I don't agree that we need to win a cup, in the grand scheme of things the F.A Cup and League cup mean little. Establishing the club as a year in year out CL q...
Https:// Lol Ilkay Gundogans wife posted this on her instagram page yesterday. Says "Wo bin ich?", I think its translates to "where...
Agree that his value tripling in one season is a bit worrying. But I disagree that he is too old, 27 is the perfect age for a CB, experienced with all their be...
If we're talking hypothetically here then long term Sterling would almost certainly displace Young but short term he would have a tough fight to get Young out t...
Http:// Liverpool have cancelled contract talks that were due to ...
2 days ago
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