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I've been saying for weeks that blaming our passing issues on the 3-5-2 is just plain lazy, the problems as Gohonaf said clearly go deeper whether its tempo, mo...
3 hours ago
SiF is right. Lucas Silva has shown absolutely nothing to suggest hes the next Scholes... Hyperbole in football is really getting out of hand these days, ever...
12 hours ago
My thoughts as well Kayteo. Rooney and Di Maria alternating would be a nightmare to track.
1 day ago
Come on SiF do you honestly believe that? lol
I have to disagree with that Pete, with the exception of Falcao (who was a loan) I don't think any of our summer signings were a waste. All of them as SiF has ...
I think we need more natural width in the side tbh, our play needs to be less predictable rather than everything going down the middle. Wouldn't mind giving t...
Saints too.
2 days ago
Yeah I was about to post this. Chelsea and City knocked out by lower league sides at their own grounds as well... Cant underestimate anyone in the cup competit...
Bradford just equalised against Chelsea too. English cup competitions are mental. EDIT: Bradford are now beating Chelsea 3-2... Its at Stamford Bridge as wel...
I really cant believe what's happening to them, its surreal really, joint bottom, 15 points from 17 games... To think this is a team that contested the CL fina...
Herrera isn't even small, he is 6 foot. He might not be built much but he is feisty and isn't afraid of a tackle, I'm totally baffled why he isn't a starter, h...
I'm starting to have doubts lads if I'm being honest. I was a staunch LVG supporter as well but I'm now firmly 'sat on the fence', this isn't good enough, not ...
3 days ago
Steve Huish - Surbiton: If David Moyes was still the manager of United everyone would be saying he has to go. 200M spent in 12 months LVG has got a lot to answe...
I hope you've made that up.
It was awful SiF. Absolutely awful to watch.
They're both awful players Pete. How they got into United shirts is a miracle.
Absolute f*****g embarrassment, was waiting for the tempo to go up but it never came, I wish they knocked us out. How can you have 80% possession and struggle ...
We've actually not played 3 at the back at any point during the game. Should dispel some of the myths that our passing problems are all down to the 3-5-2.
Correction Barracuda. He said he will be THE greatest player we have ever had.
I'm not at the point of declaring us doomed but I'm pretty pissed lol.
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