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SUI 2-0 POL ----------------------------SUI 0-2 CRO CRO 2-1 POR --------------------------------------------------------CRO 1-3 FRA WAL 3-0 NIR ----------------...
2 days ago
Spurs signed Wanyama. They're building on one of the most solid defenses in the league. Almost a complete them they have now. It should be a good battle vs u...
And Spain's punishment is playing Italy in the R16 then! :o And the winner of Italy v Spain will play the winner of Germany v Albania/Slovakia LOL. That's a c...
3 days ago
A little like Barthez I think. He could play for a top team, including us. He's still young for a GK. I hope we loan him out.
1 week ago
If we're in the title race at the end of next season, our run-in looks pretty difficult. Looks like we have a big first two matches and then Nov/Dec looks diff...
I don't think it matters to him so much what age the striker is, as long as he's ready and would be good for the team.
I don't think it's the transfer fee we can't compete with. More so the wages.
@Coorperateeye1 I'm still keeping track of the tournaments but not watching more than the highlights. And it's true that I don't really get excited for the con...
2 weeks ago
Prediction Time? Group A: France*, Switzerland*, Romania, Albania Group B: England*, Russia*, Wales*, Slovakia Group C: Germany*, Poland*, Ukraine*, Northern I...
Tbh I'm just hoping for players to come home early from Euros and Copa America lol
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