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Yeah i was going to say about half of Lukakus goals have been scored in the Belgian league although he had a good strike rate last season. Rooney and Messi for...
7 hours ago
Valencias face.
11 hours ago
Grosskreutz is Dortmunds G.Neville in terms of passion/loyalty, he will never leave Dortmund. Agree that Rafael suits the system, getting him fit is vital but ...
12 hours ago
Yes, do this every game and go almost a decade winning f**k all both domestically and in Europe. Yet United living in the stone age have bagged ourselves 13 PL...
Wasn't Lukaku supposed to fly out to Chelsea to begin pre-season training today? The media are making a story out of nothing, I'm sure when he said new chapter...
15 hours ago
Nah, extended break I think. He played at the WC through slight injuries, he wasn't fit anyway, they're giving him more time off which is understandable.
17 hours ago
I actually cant believe how wrong it is. Young and Welbeck are literally the only two in the line up that don't have either the wrong picture or name attached ...
18 hours ago
@Shalafi We technically won both of our games mate but for some reason if you win on a penalty shoot out like we did against Inter it doesn't technically coun...
Https:// Just saw this on The Manc Bible, did this actually happen before last nights game? lmao
I don't think the media know who we want Cjay so who we are linked with isn't all that relevant tbh. If you're talking about De Vrij then I don't think he was...
19 hours ago
A No.6 is a deeper midfield role whether that's a defensive midfield, holding midfield or deep lying playmaker role depends on the player in that position. A ...
21 hours ago
Didn't manage to watch the match last night, didn't kick off till gone midnight here in England and I needed my bed lol. Just watched the extended highlights t...
Http:// First class attitude. Goo...
22 hours ago
@Lump We bloody well dont haha.
I think Mou worked under him for a spell when LVG was managing Barca. Probs picked a bit of it up from him, two of the most arrogant bastards in the game but ...
Yeah i know SiF, we cant let it get out of hand.
1 day ago
Who cares about the fee. Its on Adidas and Chevy anyway lol.
@Alek I never said it was, rest assured you guys aren't the relics. I just couldn't believe the stupidity of the comment, in terms of regulars on the forums t...
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