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Laurent Blanc admits that Paris St Germain look unable to move for Real Madrid winger Angel Di Maria because of the financial implications. Carlo Ancelotti has ...
8 hours ago
Digging our old logo! Tried upvoting you a couple times but guess I'd already done that a long time ago.
I agree with RedFace, damaged goods, looked totally out of sorts at the WC, really good player in his pomp but those days are gone. Beatmaboxes I'm pretty sir...
9 hours ago
11 hours ago
Exactly SiF. Plus he comes with a lot of baggage, I doubt there was much of a que for him anyway, not saying he doesn't have the ability or that he wont work o...
Yeah the list of players is just absurd. I think he is right on a few things but I can't help but feel Scholes is pandering to the media diatribe, he launched ...
16 hours ago
@StretEndArising Cheers for clearing up the Khedira quotes. Sky Sports said Khedira had also asked to leave which doesn't look to be the case, although with ...
@Kreddevil / Badge Cant see us getting both, too much competition sniffing around Khedira, most notably Arsenal and Bayern. Di Maria we've got an outside cha...
17 hours ago
Yeah I've posted the quotes above mate, couldn't find the Khedira ones. Straight from the horses mouth, both would be pretty damn amazing but just one of thos...
"Di Maria asked to go in the summer and has rejected an offer from the club, The player has to look for a solution. "If when the transfer market closes he's st...
Pretty sure Fellaini was 27.5 but yeah point taken. I guess at £16m its worth the risk, depends what the wages are going to be as well though I guess, Balotel...
18 hours ago
I'm with Extery, this will be a strange signing. He has got the talent but his temperament is awful and he still has a running battle with the English press de...
I don't think we will pay 75 million euros, that's £60 million GBP. Talk is that we wont go over £50 million, I think £50 million is a fair enough price for...
I'm assuming we are discounting Herrera, Shaw and Rojo as they're already signed up. I'd say one more, given injury's we need three or more but I just don't t...
19 hours ago
It made the deal easier, it technically raises the transfer fee for Rojo but long term it could be an investment for the club. Nani could return a rejuvenated ...
22 hours ago
Muller and Reus were naive targets to say the least. Muller is Bayern through and through, he was never leaving, Reus we maybe had an outside chance on but he...
1 day ago
@Badge lmao That is so brutal, he just couldn't be arsed. lol at the comments section as well "is he thinking about Ed Woodward" lmao.
Yeah I totally agree mate. Its been left too late... again. Its really not good enough, least we've got three in so far, an improvement on last summer anyway...
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