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Thought Mata was 120k... Memory must be off lol. Yeah it makes sense for Depay to absorb Nanis wages should we cut him this summer, I didn't think of that.
11 hours ago
@Jereon 2012 CL final, its well noted that there was a rush for his shirt. Iniesta ended up with it as I recall, I swear there was a story about a few Barca ...
14 hours ago
The M.E.N is not reliable at all, they deal with local news well enough but have no real insiders at United. Highly doubt he will be offered 130k a week, that'...
@LastGraspWinner I see what you're saying mate but I interpreted it a little differently. I took it as Pirlo saying that the only "great" midfield player to h...
18 hours ago
"The only great English midfielder in my career was of course, Paul Scholes. He had elegance to him, the others were pretenders." - Andrea Pirlo in his autobio...
1 day ago
Have to agree with MrWaddy. Young has had some eye catching performances this last month or so but player of the season? No chance. Fellaini has a better shou...
2 days ago
I voted De Gea. In all honesty he has been pretty crap this last month, leaked quite a few easy saves which is unlike him but none the less he has been our bes...
Shame he didn't know what to do with either of them eh... I'll tell you whose been another awesome signing? Van Gaal.
@Riglore No. LVG has drastically outperformed Moyes. Did you watch us under Moyes? We were absolutely clueless in every discernable sense of the word. Sure ...
I think Dortmunds valuation is in euros mate. £25 million sterling is about 35 million euros. German clubs tend to be reasonable with valuations, I think 25-...
Wonderful assist by Zabaleta as well. Superb back control.
One year ago to the day David Moyes was removed from this football club and hope was restored. Happy Moyesday everyone, may this day live long in the memory o...
Yeah we tend to do new contracts in bursts, Van Gaal has nearly had a full season to assess the squad so I imagine judgments on players will be passed at this p...
3 days ago
Yeah looks like they tried to reset the votes. This is so funny, I hope the campaign gets going again, will piss myself if Balotelli or Lambert wins Liverpool ...
4 days ago
Yeah I agree with SiF on Januzaj, lad needs time. Some of our fans need to stop talking in absolutes over players that are not in the best form, it was not eve...
5 days ago
Http:// MrWaddy posted the story below but Sky Sports ha...
Was thinking this myself mate. Even though we lost I've never seen us boss a game like that at Stamford Bridge, we had all the ball and the territory, when it ...
I don't see the point in signing Wijnaldum myself. Granted I don't know much about him but from what I saw at the WC he doesn't offer anything that we don't al...
I'm sorry but Rogers has been backed heavily, I think its really disingenuous to blame the owners as money has been made available as Marehan pointed out below....
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