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I wonder how long Wenger will go on before retiring? I'm just wondering if he will ever record a win against Mourinho before he calls it a day.
6 hours ago
Pot 2 maybe? Our coefficient cant have dropped that badly, we've only been out the competition a year.
Lol Fabregas booked for diving. Bet they enjoyed that at the Emirates.
9 hours ago
I wouldn't say Chelsea are playing defensively. They're playing like they're away, not a parked bus.
@SiF Totally agree. As I said there is still that softness there, we conceded pathetic goals today. @Zhenwei (sorry Shiwa misread the poster lol) I don't di...
If I'm honest I'm getting a bit worried. The tactics employed against us were a near carbon copy of what Chelsea did, parked the bus and picked us off cheaply...
I agree with Pete on this. If we once again failed to qualify for the CL and there was a lack of progress I could understand him wanting to move to a club in t...
13 hours ago
You really think Pereira should/will start ahead of ADM? Tomorrow will not be an easy game, Everton have started to quietly find form the last month or so, I d...
1 day ago
Hmm. Our transfer dealings are usually kept very secret. Perhaps the Dortmund president is keeping a lid on things with Klopp announcing his resignation just ...
Tasteless and lacking in class especially from someone who is a former professional, he should really have more insight and empathy for what Gundogan went throu...
I think we would almost certainly sign a replacement. Even if Valdes was to be promoted he is still pretty old, he would not be a long term fix and Valdes was ...
Lmao. Yeah King Kenny to return and launch an ambitious move to bring Tarzan back to Anfield!
@LouisVanGoal Cheers mate. Wondered where he had gone. Thought he'd been dumped in the reserves lol.
What makes you think Liverpool are capable of attracting Klopp? Even with CL football on offer they couldn't sign s**t last summer. They wont be winning the le...
As a former professional himself I think its incredibly tasteless to be calling a player a "crock". I cant even imagine what Gundogan went through during that ...
They're so s**t, Suarez was completely carrying them. They've not been the same since that dick slapping we gave them at Anfield. We ended their season that da...
@Yaldho Lol I actually forgot all about Wilson. Feels like we haven't seen him in forever. Yeah I think you're right then, maybe give Wilson a bit more time, ...
It has to be the best front 3 in the world by some distance. All its missing is height/strength and tbh they don't need it.
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