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Both SiF and Badge are right, there are definitely other players who should be heading for the exit door before Kagawa but getting a buyer for some of them is n...
26 minutes ago
Villa would want a stupid price after his WC form. Personally I think he would be a decent stop gap, experienced and strong in the air, could provide that bit ...
53 minutes ago
@Deveus I'm pretty sure Lallana only started playing PL level football with Southampton when he was 24 as well, being a fresh faced newcomer to the league kin...
Why would it be an insult? If he stays fit he makes his money like normal, if there are genuine long term concerns over his knee then the club have got to prote...
58 minutes ago
I'd say they're as bad. Metro as well, they've taken some liberty's with some of the bull they've pushed out this summer.
2 hours ago
I was just coming here to post this. I've got to say I did not see this coming at all.
Any news on the knee injury? Seems like its put us off going off the talk, didn't the Chile coach let it slip that United are worried about his knee? Some talk...
Instagram is now a tier 1 source on the same level with Sky Sports and BBC Sport. It all but broke the news about Shaw, Rojo and Di Maria.
Its ridiculous isn't it, the English pundits are bad for it as well. He is literally the same age as Di Maria give or take about 2 months, I remember seeing so...
@SiF I think he is trying to say that the Dutch team quickly bought into the 3-5-2 despite the fact they had played 4-3-3 for most of Van Gaals tenure, they on...
4 hours ago
He is trying to implement a new formation which will ofc take time, the thing he deserves a lot of blame for is the selection. Vermilj at CB... Perreira RWB......
Hope he can get more game time. Cant be any worse than Cleverley and Fletcher, has got a lot of goals in him too, could be our Lampard in time.
6 hours ago
Lol Why the f**k are these work permits taking so long? These guys are full internationals and have just played a WC final, they've been playing in Europe fo...
I think we need a change and no its not a knee jerk reaction to the poor start. The current system is causing too many square pegs in round holes, the CB's are...
Even if we finished outside the top 5 you cant compare the two. Moyes took over the club when we were champions, the mentality was there, his job was to keep ...
9 hours ago
I would imagine so. We really need to get our best players all playing together and building some cohesion, we're desperate for a win to get our season started...
Yes he should. But we're coming off the back of a tragic season, dare I say it s**t like tonight is slowly becoming the norm at United, these days when we drop...
18 hours ago
I wouldn't say I'm too arsed neither, I'm just worried about the mental state of the club more than anything. With the exception of De Gea and Januzaj (who pla...
19 hours ago
Steve Claridge on the BBC Sport feed is really having a go at Van Gaal. Ripping into the system change and even having a go at him for signing autographs at th...
20 hours ago
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