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No he is one of the journalists covering Uniteds tour, he isn't in the mix with the squad and Van Gaal will not be disclosing transfer information to him put it...
49 seconds ago
No Moeb8. Wages have not been disclosed, Gunnzo is right, you can't pull a triple figure salary out your arse and claim its gospel, nobody knows Shaws wages at...
14 minutes ago
Is this off twatter? Where are the quotes? Not a single f**k will be given by Louis over Mourinhos comments on Shaw anyway, he isn't the type to get ruffled by...
42 minutes ago
I cant see that on his twitter account... Regardless most journos don't know s**t anyway, its mostly shoddy guesswork, honestly i don't think we will even sign...
58 minutes ago
Chelsea taking the high ground on player wages is just hilarious really, couple of years without enormous losses and they think they're financial gurus lol. We...
1 hour ago
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7 hours ago
@SiF Is playing a flat back 4 going to cause us to deal with Hazard and Navas any better though? We're still missing Vidic no matter if we play 3 or 4 at the b...
8 hours ago
@Kop4Ever No. I believe football started in 1968 when we became the FIRST English side to lift the European cup :D If we're talking history then lets do it p...
9 hours ago
@Kop4Ever History is important ofc but it doesn't particularly bother me in all honesty. When your fan base can do nothing but bang on about stuff they did o...
@Kop4Ever How many do you remember or was alive for? lol...
10 hours ago
@Kop4Ever For the group stages yes... lol. There is a subtle difference between being in something to win it and just there for the ride / pay day... Benfica ...
12 hours ago
I wouldn't say its clear cut that Liverpool will drop out the top 4, they will still be strong contenders for a top 4 place. But they're definitely the most vu...
So that's £2.3 million pounds, not too bad really, I think a lot of people expected that we would never get a fee for him and he would end up leaving on a free...
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13 hours ago
We truly lived in the time of giants.
Our defence has been s**t for the last two seasons SiF, its nothing new really, getting the best out of our attackers and looking after their fitness properly w...
14 hours ago
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Its just one pre-season game, cant draw any conclusions just yet. But i am very optimistic about the coming season, i think we will improve significantly on la...
16 hours ago
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19 hours ago
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I would rather we went more long term mate, someone we can get a good 4 seasons out of at least. If we're going for a player in his 30's then it would have to ...
21 hours ago
Yeah those quotes from last night appear to have been taken completely out of context, he was asked was he flying to Manchester by a journo at the airport not w...
Omg, comedy gold.
22 hours ago
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