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@Madder He changed his cover photo on his facebook page to a United badge yesterday evening. It's been taken as a sign that he has made up with LVG and is no...
4 hours ago
I've been highly critical of the club loads of times. I just don't agree with doing it constantly and for the wrong reasons, the club in this case deserves all...
Yes I do. This last week has erased ny faith in LVG, its literally been that bad, not just the Swansea game the lack of forward planning in the market and the ...
Marca claiming the documents were in a format they could not open. Marca now claiming the documents were password protected its why they couldn't open them. f...
13 hours ago
Can we only sign from England tomorrow? I remember we signed Falcao from Monaco in like the early hours of the morning during last summers window, we even got ...
So the stories changed to the documents were on time but in a format that Madrid could not open. If that's true then my sides might actually split from laughte...
United are also claiming to have proof that they sent the documents on time. We apparently have time stamped documents. Madrid should have got off their arses...
Yeah I'm reading that too. COPE are under the impression that the paperwork came through at 00.01 though, are COPE a good source? How would he be able to prov...
Balague now tweeting that De Gea is staying as the paperwork did not arrive on time, Spanish FA refusing to budge. Talk from Marca is that the paperwork was a ...
Same. Surely Martial was the Hernandez replacement as its a like for like position? There really is no justifying letting another attacker go otherwise, we ar...
14 hours ago
Well he isn't going anywhere so Ogden can just zip it. If he sells Rojo after one season for virtually no reason he has lost it. Its not happening, media are g...
Https:// Valdes changed his cover photo to a United badge about an hour ago. Has he made up with LVG? Would be cool to h...
15 hours ago
Before anyone says we paid that for ADM that is different, ADM was coming off the back of an incredible season for Madrid where he made the UEFA team of the yea...
Where are the quotes? I just don't think for one second that the club would sanction that. Its more or less a club record. There is just no way the club could ...
Malik is right. You're not necessarily wrong that plenty of other players around his age bracket have gone for monster fees but all of those players had pulled...
The Mirror is another s**t newspaper. Rojo was apparently going to be included in the Martial deal but that is clearly bullshit. No way are we going to let Ro...
Source mate?
16 hours ago
Your love for Navas is really cheering me up. He better be good!
17 hours ago
@Bear Reports are saying £29 million and Navas, he is not a part of the cash bid. Its not beyond the realm of possibility, the club made it clear that they w...
Nah, f**k him. We could have dumped his ass after that opening 6 months he had and derailed his career, its what he would of got from the virus anyway, now he ...
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