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Hope we go in hard for Reus, the money raised from Di Maria looks to be around £47 million going off reports, good chance there will be add-ons in there too. ...
1 day ago
I think he meant see you soon as in I'll see you in the PL soon, they'll be playing against each other before long.
Http:// "Angel Di Maria's move from Manchester United to Paris St-Germain is "close", according to the Ligue 1's head coach L...
2 days ago
Damn, shots fired from Keano. Wonder if some of this was aimed at Spanish Dave as well... But on topic you cant blame Di Marias wife if she's a bit shaken, th...
@Bazinga Its breathtaking hypocrisy, nvm the two seasons that he spent massively at Chelsea you've been free spending since Roman took over. Its only settled ...
He is defensive minded and has an intelligent football brain. But he isn't physical enough to play there long term, not in the EPL, too many lumps who will get...
Yeah Doms right, ofc the big man was missing but that was not a poor Barca side by no stretch of the imagination. I thought we did well, solid warm up.
Man I didn't scroll down before posting, Johnnq9 has already covered this, sorry mate lol.
Http:// Di Maria didn't join the tour, LVG is unsu...
I'm not watching the match but apparently Darmian got up and continued, I think he is alright.
3 days ago
French media have reported this done at least 10 times in the last 2 weeks now... They are interested that's all we know, we'll just have to see what happens, ...
Yes it was Pete, a f*****g jobsworth if I've ever seen one. I love Fergie but his nepotism was so annoying at times.
4 days ago
Thanks for letting us know mate but its not Sky Sports who are reporting this. I've had to say this a few times this window but its common practice for SSN to ...
I don't think he had any choice on the wage front, his stock must have plummeted after his loan move here. Not too sad, I thought it was a dodgy move in the fi...
5 days ago
"di maria already said he's not going anywhere, i really don't understand this obsession with this story unless he's really delph in disguise (snake)." Because...
Twitter does not mean s**t neither, I'm tired of these shitty ADM stories, if he leaves he leaves but as far as I can tell the clubs position is unchanged and t...
CaughtOffside... Di Maria is set to join the tour in a week or so, LVG has said this several times, there is no "imminent deal" for him in the works, we don't ...
@Philosophy I'll level with you mate, I did not read the article, I read SiF's post and as you said the headline and made assumptions from both. It does appe...
Yeah he is wrong to say we've lost our way we have lots of academy products in the squad but very few that are first team regulars but that should change with t...
I really wish more people would think like this. We strolled to a 3-1 win and only gave a goal away from a horrible mistake, who cares if we didn't play well, ...
6 days ago
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