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Expected Mata to leave (sadly). Surprised about Blind, very adaptable player but I think Mou likes more clean cut old school defenders than Blind who is quite ...
8 hours ago
@Barracuda f**k hahahahahaha, yeah you're right, I think I'm just overestimating how much animosity there is between manager and club.
2 days ago
Barca sell Mou a player? Odin will take the honour-less from Helheim before that happens. I'm aware its a buyout clause as well but its not as simple as peop...
"yeah im not going to equate an eye gouge with kicking a shoe across the room." Eye gouge? lmao... it was a dirty nasty move but a gouge? seriously? Get a grip...
4 days ago
@SiF Really? The poke in the eye was in anger, Fergie once kicked a football shoe across the changing room in a rage which busted open Beckhams eye... Acciden...
You make some good points Naija and I agree with some of them. But suggesting a 53 year old managers "best years are behind him" is ridiculous. Jose walked int...
LGW is right. People citing behaviour as a concern for Mourinho is ridiculous in my opinion, SAF was terribly behaved, fought the press constantly, ripped into...
Http:// How a United manager should be talk...
July the 7th will be the press conference, before the tour.
Https:// Mou has just made an instagram account and this is his first post. Bless him.
Di Marzio saying Ibra has rejected an offer from Spurs and is planning on joining United. Isn't this the guy who is really reliable? I'm sure SiFs mentioned hi...
5 days ago
Take it with a pinch of salt mate. Zlatan is a professional troll. But I do think a reunion with Mou is on the cards, not gonna lie, the prospect of these two ...
The Ginger Prince. I love you Paul.
@Godspeedysick What ideals would those be? The dross we had under Moyes or the boring monotonous possession with no goals/one goal that we had under Van Gaal?...
1 week ago
@Godzarmyofangls I dont completely disagree, I see where you're coming from. But people change and adapt, I'm sure Mourinho will understand that there are ce...
I doubt Carrick will leave, Mou likes experienced players. Type of person he will want in the dressing room as well.
It feels weird sacking him after a trophy but I'm in the same camp, I wanted him gone with or without the F.A Cup. Anyone saying he was mistreated can fuckoff ...
You'll never win again. But no in all seriousness its "you'll never walk alone", I'm pretty sure its lyrics from a song completely unrelated to Liverpool FC th...
Why is "real" in quotation marks. Are you implying the F.A Cup Final is imaginary? I'll have what you're smoking buddy. :D
"or if the refs weren't absolute s**t" FERGIE PAID DA REFS!!!
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