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Sure it was McNair Somere? I could have sworn he got stuck between Fellaini and Carrick. I would like to mention that Carrick took the ball cleanly if my memo...
2 hours ago
Agree with Drde. You've got to be in it to win it else what's the point, I would rather be sat out then just be there for the payday or the ride. Don't get me...
21 hours ago
Massive fan, if he stays fit over the course of the season then he will be well worth a bid.
23 hours ago
Our home fans have definitely stepped it up post-Fergie which is great to see, not sure we've got the best home fans in the league though, the variables make it...
2 days ago
"Hopefully she will be fit by then too."
3 days ago
He signed a new contract until 2018 just last year, hes always intimated that he would honour the contract, cant see him bailing on Dortmund while they're strug...
4 days ago
Fergusons "early management" included several Scottish league titles with Aberdeen breaking the Rangers-Celtic hegemony along with a European Cup Winners Cup ag...
"nothing wrong with Liverpool. back to their own standard after last season's cosmic blip that's all." Comment of the week. Hahahahahahahahaha
Arsenal's record against Man United since 2009: LLDLLLLWLLLDLDL Damn... I know they've been struggling against us in recent years but I didn't think their reco...
Yeah its pissing me off as well, we have not played a single good game under that formation. Back to the diamond please or the 4-1-4-1.
5 days ago
Gibbs and Sczesney were on a collision course anyway, either Gibbs should have left it to his keeper or Sczesney should have left it to Gibbs, it was a classic ...
I want to see what happened before criticising Di Maria, if Chambers did him off the ball then he is right to go down. Regardless time wasting in massive game...
He was getting stick on here during the game and I'm not sure why. He tackled cleanly and passed well enough, missed a few aerial balls but hes very shackled i...
We gave possession up so cheaply Ethio. But you are right that we had a clear counter attacking game plan, if the linesmen didn't screw Rooney and Di Maria did...
Was thinking this myself mate. We really were due a slice of luck.
We played like s**t guys, you got done by a slice of bad luck and a good counter, it was a siege for long periods, you just didn't capitalise. We got away wit...
Cheers mate.
We played like s**t but what a win, showed excellent grit yet again as it was basically a siege for long periods. De Gea is just immense, hes in such good for...
F*****g joke call, Rooney about 2 yards onside. That was 2 on 1 as well.
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