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I thought Liverpool were gonna storm into the top 4 with Klopp. What happened?
MUFC1990 updated their profile
If City, Arsenal and Spurs can win their upcoming games then we are looking at a 9/10 point gap for a top 4 place, that is without mentioning Leicester who this...
Sky Sports didn't post this story. I've had to say this a few times but SSN often does a "papers" section where they post summaries of stories from other paper...
4 days ago
Http:// "Manchester Unite...
2 weeks ago
I think Balague does have contacts, he has been very accurate with a small select few things in the past but on the whole I do agree Joey. I think he definitel...
3 weeks ago
Http:// This was an interview before the Live...
4 weeks ago
Pretty sure I've seen him going wild like this before. He is a passionate lad and yeah you've just got to like him.
Couldn't agree more SiF. Sick of all this Depay bashing, its completely ridiculous and over the top, yes he has not been great but he is still adjusting and go...
1 month ago
They've done brilliantly but the PL is a marathon. We've played a lot of football but we're only halfway through, we've seen better teams than this Leicester s...
We deserve exactly what we got, a draw. The fact that hitting the post and a miss is getting people excited just says it all. This is f*****g tragic.
Well we're f*****g terrible aren't we? Something has to give here and soon, if we can't find a win in these circumstances at home against a Chelsea side two po...
Wish I shared your optimism. Chelsea will be scenting blood today, they need a good result to get themselves going and they will want to impress the new gaffer...
Http:// Bold, very bold. Basically saying to th...
Sick of all the bullshit being aimed at Memphis. He is an outstanding young talent who is being ruined by a manager who is just the complete opposite of him, y...
@Yaldho Mata is like our top goal threat when you take into account goals/assists. He hasn't set the world on fire but he has not been s**t this season, not c...
Its exactly that. LVG is a methodical manager and thinker, he wants everyone to function like cogs in a machine, if it goes right then its brilliant like his t...
Yaldhos right. There is no real favourable option here, I cant see LVG turning this around without several miracles in the January transfer window and even tha...
Was literally in tears. The Rooney bit hahahahaa
I will say this though, one way or another LVG is retired in 18 months time, the clubs got to be planning for that. You do have to question how "motivated" LVG...
If sacking LVG means Giggs takes over then we might as well keep him and work on a proper appointment until the summer. But there are so many rumours flying a...
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