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You're right, even in the final years of SAF's era, we didnt dominate lower ranked teams, giving them chances to snatch away points. Of course this got worse af...
2 days ago
Woah didnt even know he was loaned out, thought he was one of the main CBs for chelsea
I didn't know time existed in heaven
Not many of these traditional wingers are left, most of the wingers these days are right footed playing on the left wing and vice verse, always looking to cut i...
3 days ago
He's not a winger is he ? We probably need rights winger the most atm
4 days ago
We're probably going to Swansea after this, but yeah good performance.
1 week ago
Rooney scores !
What's happening?
Well I'd like to see Liverpool hold on to him, the guy just signed a 5 year deal last year, dick move
What's surprising is that it's Paul mearson of all people predicting that
2 weeks ago
Isnt the chinese league in trouble after the gov told them to pay full taxes on wages or something like that ?
I still don't get how mbappe is now ranked amongst the likes of neymar and dybala after one season ?
Phew , good news. This will also mean chances for fosu mensha
Yeah its interesting how chelsea are happy to let players go to rivals when the right price is met out of goodwill to the player, then you have Tottenham and l...
3 weeks ago
We haven't had a decent holding midfielder for sometime now. Here's hoping Matic does what Schniderline couldn't do.
Vaaz that's just silly, just because they earn a lot doesn't make them superhumans.
4 weeks ago
What's special about him and why is Liverpool valuing him so highly ?
Lol we're getting mugged by every club at this rate
1 month ago
This is unbelievable, rip
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