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Charity match to raise funds for autistic football fans
10 hours ago
Tony Hibbert > Dier + Mustafi
13 hours ago
I think he will retire, he was going to anyway. This sad ending will probably make him not want to manage ever again.
What a joke, hope they get the drop now.
1 day ago
Somere's dream team of all under 19s
3 days ago
What happened boys ? What did mourinho say / do ?
Oh yeah, give 'em the ol capslock, that'll do the trick
5 days ago
You jinxed the dude, think he hurt his ankle by the looks of it
1 week ago
Lol its so untrue that it doesn't even qualify as a troll joke
Yeeah could go either way, we might end up landing killer blows to those teams or we'll crash and burn spectacularly.
2 weeks ago
You must infused the lads with some gorilla power from the after life. Dicks out everyone
The first 40 minutes was absolute garbage. Took some individual magic from Mhk to calm us down.
Yeah consistency is garbage, surely these refs go through the exact same training and briefing yet the inconsistency is awful.
Tomorrow we'll probably be crying too. We rarely capitalise on dropped points.
Na I don't blame the keeper, its just our finishing is piss poor, dunno what the hell they did on the training pitch in the past 3 years for it to become this a...
Oh damn, there was football today ?? Nice results if we can capitalise tomorrow
3 weeks ago
Haha, all I remeber is Wigan beating us near the end of the season when Fergie was in charge where we f****d up the title at the end.
Tough game, very unlucky that it was a windy afternoon which didn't allow Liverpool to play they attractive and eye catching long ball tactics.
Damn, feelsbadman.
1 month ago
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