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It's should be a rule. It's effectively simulation, time wasting and trying to get your opponent carded
1 day ago
Charlie Adam, good example lol. Did he get any punishment for strangling Alexis?
19:45 Dublin time - Ivory Coast are going through, yaya is not coming back to us
Omg this is atrocious. Wondering what Pelle will have to say
5 days ago
Aguero for me. Looking fit again
Not close enough. As an actual organization that matters I can't explain this so maybe others will
6 days ago
:)not directed at you it's just a general feeling...look I have cambridge-manu in the background and it sucks, any liverpool game I watched this season sucked.....
As outspoken as some Serie A fans (ultras or whatever you call those groups) who confront club and players personally over transfers and clubs and players must ...
Fans from some leagues are very outspoken. Not a PL fan clubs attitude
I'm happy with Fernando...he fit in from day one, adding the depth we needed in DM. He had some ups and downs just like most players. I'm being very, very patie...
Then people didn't learn anything from 2012 and 2014...surely we will win the last 8 games or so and win in a photo finish :P
1 week ago
Strong build up, awesome pass and sweet finish by Dzeko - best thing in the game If Milner wants to leave so be it, surely it's a big loss
^you mean it's telling most of their overall sales are from London. There can't be more Liverpool fans in London than in Liverpool...unless it's people working ...
Stats are based on shirt sales on their own website. Prices, sales promotions etc will have something to do with such discrepancy
Your question has no easy answer. We need Silva central. In the reality of things Nasri is injured so Jojo will play wide, sub otherwise I think Jojo's versatil...
Anyone saw the friendly today? How was that, I see we played some youngsters Edit: streaming on yt and link on this page...nice...watching it now
Meh Juve and Inter did the same, outsourcing transport services to cut costs. But because Milan are generally in a crisis this makes news to put the club in a b...
Robben was bitten by a crocodile
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