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Lmao, didn't renew his passport, what a buffoon.
15 hours ago
@Drogba Agree, £25 million at the most. EDIT: Lol, just realised he has a £22 million release clause.
1 day ago
Yeah he is a proper red, he just posted this on his facebook and it made me feel terrible:
They'll be more funds available even if we buy Pedro, its pretty unlikely that Pedro would cost us anywhere near the fee we will get for ADM anyway. Buying Ped...
Http:// Sky sources saying we're interested in ...
Oh I know that, I was just sure that we got a small cut of the kit sales under the old Nike deal, it helped in making the deal more financially beneficial to us...
True. But there was at least an outside chance that he could displace Valencia but that chance has gone completely now, Darmian is immense.
Didn't we get a share of the Kit sales under the old Nike deal? I'm pretty sure we did and ADM was at the club when we were still under Nike. It was part of th...
Https:// Lyon president has confirmed that Rafael is on his way to Lyon ahead of a transfer. Man that sucks, shame he doesn't have ...
I wonder who ADM's replacement will be? Surely there has to be a replacement, I know we've brought Depay in but he is still young and growing plus we've had th...
2 days ago
Coward. The reported fee is mixed, sounds like its somewhere between £44 and £47 million going off the bulk of reports, hopefully there will be add-ons invol...
Ramos is right footed. If he is really insistent on a left footed CB than the market is thin, far more right footed players than left.
3 days ago
Agree with all of the above, Ramos is a fruitless chase, I cannot for the life of me understand why we have not gone all out for Otamendi. I don't like how qui...
I think my guess that you need a score of 90 for Mou was correct lol, I bet 95+ is Fergie.
4 days ago
I got Brendan as well but the BBC sport description sounded nothing like him, in fact the description was mote Fergiesque than anything. For a start I've neve...
Agree with all the above, Rooney and Carrick need to find something by next weekend else they probably shouldn't start lol. Darmian and Shaw will be a sight to...
5 days ago
That is one thing about ADM that I do disagree with you on Pete. I think he was a great fit if he really would of gone for it here, not sure his heart was ever...
Was really excited when we got ADM and I'm gutted he is leaving but I'm with Pete on this, we were just a temporary club until he could get a move to PSG, FFP s...
I agree with Cjay that the playing of players out of position is seriously getting ridiculous, this obsession to detail is maddening, Blind may be left footed b...
Everton drive a hard bargain. Cant see you getting him for anything under £30 million, not after that Sterling fee anyway.
6 days ago
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