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Oh well. His contract expires this summer, we were willing to wave a transfer fee to push through the move so its pretty clear he wont be staying on past the s...
20 hours ago
Agree with most of that. We need to see more of Herrera, not sure Young will walk straight back in as LB but if we go back to 3-5-2 (I hope not) he will almos...
This is a football forum not an English exam paper. Spelling and grammar errors are pretty commonplace but by all means point out where I've gone wrong, I'll e...
21 hours ago
Atm no. Too much money, seems a great guy but its just too much. He might find something between now and May to change the situation but I don't think we will...
@Jereon Ignore him. Him of all people calling anyone out on comment integrity is unbelievable tbh.
Yeah mate, I should get on your level with all these cutting edge comments you're making. You're boring mate, drop your grudge or spare us the commentary, we g...
+1 He has only made 14 starts for the club and is already being ripped into, scored 4 and assisted 7 too, he has not been bad at all, he has been misused and t...
I know SiF, I said as much the other day. I really should not be biting. "And you have the nerve to talk to me about shoving thing's down people's throats. I'...
What excuses? I didn't say he had a great game but I'm not the one deciding he is a flop on the basis of him missing a couple of chances and misplacing a few pa...
He is not a goalscorer so the finishing point is moot. When you commit players as much as he does and attempt more ambitious passes you tend to lose possessio...
Totally agree Yaldho. Some proper f*****g geniuses on here showing their nous, they're clearly better placed to judge a player on his quality and transfer valu...
This is just ridiculous. So what he missed a chance, wont be the first time he mis-hits a volley, if you cant see his class then you're f*****g blind. Look a...
Daley Blind is a wonderful footballer.
23 hours ago
Apparently Roma would only consider a bid of 100 million euros. I imagine that stance will be revised come the summer.
His last few games have actually been a bit s**t tbh... Might get Herrera back in the side hopefully, Blind and Felli are back now too, hardly short in midfiel...
2 days ago
Their transfer feed said we are not in for him, sky sources. The story they had on there earlier was from other tabloids.
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3 days ago
@Theatre I think you're being a bit unfair here mate. He has played well this season, scored some big goals too, delivered in some tough games as well, sure h...
@RaulOne You're right about the finishing but without sounding too rude the rest is just bull. Di Maria was the creative force in that Madrid side last seaso...
Neymars net cost was significantly more than 65m. What on earth are you getting at anyway? If this is another pathetic attempt to belittle Di Maria then spare ...
What Yaldho said. I'll be so f****d off if he ends up leaving, it wouldn't even surprise me if he did as he's started only 5 games in all comp's, its a joke, I...
4 days ago
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