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Https:// Only a true Manchester United warrior puts his head on the line like that against the dippers! He's a legend, its...
6 hours ago
Well I've just been on his instagram account and he had a bit of banter with RVP over the result, not arsed about that I'm sure they're friends, he has done thi...
1 day ago
Oh I expect rival players to be happy when we lose, I know they're not robots. But taking it to social media... Two spoonfuls of attention, twice a day.
I don't think Rosicky has a twitter account mate, might of been a fake one. Balotelli and Dzeko might want to think about growing up a bit, smacks of attention...
@Jiffy Yeah mate, ex Leeds and City player Danny Mills says "he's seen them given"... What a joke, you wont hear that when we win a dodgy penalty, calls for a ...
Love how there was no mention of Vardys dive... Barely even talked about the refereeing other than saying there was no consistency as if Rafaels non-existent "p...
Yeah I forgot to mention his age, Evans is 27 in Jan, not a kid anymore.
Its called diatribe. It just fits the media agenda, Shaw was an LVG signing, suggesting he doesn't rate him is just ridiculous, I've got a lot of respect for M...
He was heavily criticised for his performance at Stamford Bridge a couple of seasons ago, as usual he was immediately accused of having some kind of Manchester ...
Bloody hell, awful news for the lad. Makes the signing of Chambers all the more astute though.
Yeah Stret I don't want to get too reactionary or make sweeping statements but its not looking good for a few of em, they need to stand up and be stronger, you ...
Lack of leaders throughout the team. Although tbf this happened last season as well even with Vidic, Ferdinand and Evra here. Rooney is trying but some are j...
@Theatre We're not winning the league, no chance, the optimism is nice but we've got to be realistic. Title winning teams are almost always built on a solid ...
@Gunning Flawed logic. Last seasons top 10 could look very different to this seasons top 10. Form is a factor as well, as Dtouch said this United side looks ...
Chelsea and City for top 2 for sure, in any order. Don't agree that Arsenal are shoe ins for 3rd though, they've been very fortunate, they have not played well...
Gary is right, I've been saying this for months, the team has gone mentally soft. I know since SAF's retirement they have perhaps been under a level of scrutin...
I agree with SiF. Its not all bad for us, lots of new signings have come into the starting 11 not just the squad, its going to take time for them to settle, we...
2 days ago
I'm done moaning about Clattenburg now, we need to move on. I'm just going to finish on the wise words of Didier Drogba: "ITS A DISGRACE! ITS A DISGRACE! ITS ...
Dont forget Everton Ashup, their start has been as bad as ours as well. They're currently losing to Crystal Palace at home, if they don't change that then they ...
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