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Tbf I thought we were the far better side at Old Trafford against Everton, particularly in the second half and I don't think we deserved to get beat at Anfield ...
11 hours ago
I've become quite numb to everything that's happened this season as well, so much bad s**t in quick succession its hard to feel any more disappointment. It's p...
This is the Glazer family we're talking about here, there is no way Moyes will get the remaining value of his contract as a pay out should he get sacked. They ...
12 hours ago
I agree Yaldho, don't get me wrong people i am not absolving Moyes neither, he has made plenty of mistakes. But what's happened this season has been coming, ma...
14 hours ago
So that's 6 points from a possible 36 against the top 6 this season. Only one win against the top 6 coming against Arsenal at home with draws against Chelsea (h...
66% possession... 0 shots on target. Its hard to believe, we just cant create s**t this season, just awful.
16 hours ago
We have a wonderful crop of attacking options, its been said before, we could maybe do with just a pacey winger who can actually beat players, other than that i...
17 hours ago
Vidic is going, no point playing him now that we have nothing to play for. Might as well get a better look at the young centre halves in a tough game before the...
Far too many defenders on that bench.
18 hours ago
I'm not even criticising him, as i said all players do it, i just cant stand that biased bullshit you posted above that he was legitimately hurt, he was fine. ...
Seriously Colin... No one jumps up and goes into a sprint like that if they're hurt, he was clearly looking for a foul, realised it hadn't been given, realised ...
21 hours ago
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Oh you are Jason ! Really good to hear honest and unbiased opinion from you man, 2 Cool votes right there !
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@Ashup78 If there is one positive to be taken from Liverpool's potential title win this season is that you finished 7th last year and despite the plaudits he i...
1 day ago
Fergies coming out of retirement if Liverpool win it. He won't be standing for this, dodgy hip and in his 70's or not the old bastard has got plenty of fight l...
Lets not be ungracious here. Sure they've had the breaks in the last couple of month when they've needed them and they've had a lot of pens this season but the...
Hope? How does Chelsea or City winning the league benefit us? If Liverpool win it so be it, good for them, its been over 20 years and they've had to watch us w...
Damn... Mourinhos first defeat at Stamford Bridge. Looking at Chelseas record against the countries better sides they should have had the thing won by now, Che...
Moyes was at the Southampton game. We play them on the last day of the season though, but we have nothing to play for really, pretty unlikely he is studying op...
Newcastle are s**t, granted it was a good performance but their form is at a season low, calling for Rooney to be axed from the team based on that one game is r...
2 days ago
3 weeks ago
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2 months ago
MUFC1990 gave the Solskjaer raring for Old Trafford return video a rating of 1
3 months ago
MUFC1990 added new photos to Fergies Last Home Game
11 months ago
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