ColonelBX Honda escapes Russia! :')
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To be fair Reina's form has been dipping for the last 2, 3 seasons and he ain't gonna get any younger, it was a good move for Liverpool to replace him either wa...
2 days ago
Dunno whats up with Rooney for you guys, might as well remove him in half time with Chicharito Just pass to Mata or Kagawa and everyone knows that the good stu...
@Aaron maybe for you guys but for me Man Utd fans have been the most cocky during my highschool days. Arsenal fans were.. well semi-realists? lol They couldn't ...
I don't get why you guys all want City to win it. I want Liverpool to win it if it wasn't us, more over I want Gerrard to finally win the damn EPL. And honestl...
Gotta love the scouting team of BVB... besides the likes of Schieber, they never get it wrong! :D
3 days ago
Man how da faq did Crystal Palace manage to climb up the table to 11th place... o_0 Tony Pulis may play only longballs but he sure does get the result..!
6 days ago
UEFA Champions League for this year: If Chelsea win: First manager to win the cup with 3 different clubs, first club to win 3 consecutive European Cups, AND f...
1 week ago
All I can say guys, is if the Champions League Final jinx continues we are gonna win this damn UCL with Manchester United knocked out.... because the jinx says ...
Well it was actually made in Cerezo :) But when you guys started singing it too everyone loved it; the fans in Cerezo, fans in Japan in general, and I'm sure es...
Gah guys don't worry that much we did well I guess.. anyhow for next season.. hopefully this returns!! KA-----GAWA SHINJI---------- LALALALA-------LALALALAAA...
Good luck tonight!! I just hope Moyes plays the right line up (I'm sure he will now... he has realized how good it is with Young replaced by Shinji :P) Anyhow...
David Moyes
2 weeks ago
I'm still surprised how Moyes didn't realize until now that playing only 1 striker with the trio (Januzaj, Mata, Kagawa) behind brings sexy football. If RVP di...
Victor... smh moura is not a cm
Although his form was in a downfall since his injury before the 2010 world cup i guess this move was good for him.. he won the UCL, FA Cup, and the Europa Leagu...
Btw I forgot to mention, is it just me thats starting to feel Man Utd fans here are being more cooler and understanding now?? (Maybe because the plastic ones ar...
I've been repeating and saying this over and over again, and I won't bend my words unless some serious sh*t happens.. I still have faith in Torres.. he's the m...
All I can say is... take back Kagawa from Man Utd! All of us in Japan know where he is truly appreciated, and we know BVB will benefit alot again with Shinji :)
I'll second Badge's comment below, about being 3 - 1 down against Lavezzi and Cavani. We shall be fine. Anyhow, I still believe Torres will be the man in the b...
4m?! Thats awesome I didn't know we can get him for that cheap! :D Thats 1/3 of a Matri too :P
3 weeks ago
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