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I say things that need to be said. They may be controversial, but at the end of the day what is the point of discussion?
I like to speak my mind and say the truth that everyone else is afraid of. Some people cant take the truth and would rather vote me rude. If saying the truth is being rude, so be it.
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5 years ago
Hey Lucio, Ready for this monday's game? We have to win to secure a position in the play-offs. Lets go Net Assasins!
Thats hilarious, ive never heard that joke in the past 24 hours
Its not bs, its completely justified reasoning.
Ill be cheering you on
LOOOOL, please dont make me laugh
Ya it will be normal for him to score hat tricks against dumbo reina hahahahahahaha
Barca does not care about Celtic, Barca is not here to cater for your qualifying chances. Barca only does what is in their favor, we couldn't care less whether...
Whatever happened to the gay claw? I was really digging that one
No he's not. Cavani is great, but nowhere near Falcao.
Chlelsea did turn up, but they were so outclassed by Atletico that they looked like a sack of s**t. Stop trying to discredit Madrid's world class performance, y...
Couldn't agree more, never have I witnessed a more pathetic CL winner then chelsea
Chelsea is the most pathetic team ever to win the title, incredible amount of luck (Not only vs us and Bayern, they were already inferior to Lisbon the round be...
Atletico Madrid destroys Chelsea Real Madrid destroys Tottenham Hotspurs Athletic Bilbao destroys Man United Barcelona destroys Arsenal Am I starting to see a ...
One thing's for sure Skill: Liga>EPL If you think otherwise, then you might have forgotten to take your meds
Now do you understand what I mean when I say "Chelsea never beat Barcelona, Barcelona beat themselves"?
2 Clever votes for you
Messi showed up when Barcelona really needed it unlike someone else from Real Madrid.
On behalf of everybody, Shutup.
Mark Orlando, and he's out of the game with no impact on the match whatsoever. Mark Messi, and he'll bring the best out of everyone else. And how hilarious was ...
Hey come back around the Jordan page sometimes, also add me :D
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