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Who is that?
6 days ago
-------Ronaldo--Benz-Bale---------- -----Modric---James---Kroos--- Marcelo---Varane---Ramos--Carvajal -----------Casillas/Navas------------
4 weeks ago
1 month ago
^ no one is weak in the world cup. every team is playing in the event for a reason.
4 months ago
I cant believe its THE WORLD CUP! its really annoying.
Croatia boss Niko Kovac: "If that's how we start the World Cup, we'd better give it up now and go home. "We talk about respect, that wasn't respect, Croatia di...
I know right. all i do is try to make some sense out the comment by giving my own opinion. If that bothers anybody, well its a free world. I don't comment, caus...
^ hahaha i fel bad for you man. you are trying to stop from my opinion. i dont care what you call me, stupid, gay, s**t, t**t, whatever but u cant stop me from ...
^ there he goes again. If "two" or "three" good passes can win you a crucial win against any team then why should we be complaining? and btw you are talking abo...
I think you should get glasses and check with the doc :p
And says the senseless guy on this page lol.
I bet my score will be more then u by the end of time no matter what players u have on ur team, cz u aint got the brain to choose the right player :p . V
Lol that shows where u r coming from.
Reus injury looked pretty bad! But i hope he doesnt miss
^ u r just making a fool out of yourself by post all the hatred comments toward a player, for which you don't have any reason to hate. I request you to be sensi...
90's rap :p
^^ someone every football fan would know, too bad u don't.
5 months ago
There goes our LEGEND!!!
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