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^ no one is weak in the world cup. every team is playing in the event for a reason.
3 months ago
I cant believe its THE WORLD CUP! its really annoying.
Croatia boss Niko Kovac: "If that's how we start the World Cup, we'd better give it up now and go home. "We talk about respect, that wasn't respect, Croatia di...
I know right. all i do is try to make some sense out the comment by giving my own opinion. If that bothers anybody, well its a free world. I don't comment, caus...
^ hahaha i fel bad for you man. you are trying to stop from my opinion. i dont care what you call me, stupid, gay, s**t, t**t, whatever but u cant stop me from ...
^ there he goes again. If "two" or "three" good passes can win you a crucial win against any team then why should we be complaining? and btw you are talking abo...
I think you should get glasses and check with the doc :p
And says the senseless guy on this page lol.
I bet my score will be more then u by the end of time no matter what players u have on ur team, cz u aint got the brain to choose the right player :p . V
Lol that shows where u r coming from.
Reus injury looked pretty bad! But i hope he doesnt miss
^ u r just making a fool out of yourself by post all the hatred comments toward a player, for which you don't have any reason to hate. I request you to be sensi...
90's rap :p
^^ someone every football fan would know, too bad u don't.
There goes our LEGEND!!!
I thought Rooney was first with 8 assists, thn Benz and Maria both on 5?
4 months ago
I think if our defense is as rock as against Bayern, then we shouldn't really mess with it, the best would be to replace Khedira in place of Alonso if its possi...
The link above has a few really nice HD streaming
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