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4 years ago
GeryGooner gave the Do You Want Cesc Fabregas Back? video a rating of 5
Terry always has that face everytime Nando comes off the bench.
5 years ago
Trust me kid. Scoring from penalty doesn't feel that good.
Baloteli is coming... Hart: Jeeezzz Toure: Run lads!!! Zaba: I'll handle this..
Cesc: Don't look, hermanos.
Good luck lads (for keeping your wives away from me)
What's with the attitude, Messi?
Learning how to land safely when diving
That's what you do when you see a plane flying by
Come baby, I'll zlatan you!
Jump higher, you noob!!
Mario is actually helping his drunk coach
Buffon: "Ever noticed what always happens after a calciopoli? We get a trophy!!! Hahaha.."
He tried so Hart to cancel his move.
Now that no-WAG rule is applied, Coleen gives Rooney a massage in invisible mode.
6 years ago
Come, come baby.. Come be my toyfriend, let me play with you..
Walcott: Ooh, it clearly has crossed the goal line, Andy. Carroll: I'll pretend not to see that.
Someone asked: "How many more goals that Sweden could've scored with that poor defence?"
USA actually played well, not bad really. But too bad they lost. Because the only moment I like USA is when they play football. Ooops, soccer I mean. Anyway, Br...
We really can't see a better look of Rooney
Having watched too much of National Geographic, Muntari practiced how Cheeteahs are targeting the prey
GeryGooner added new photos to Football for Life
8 years ago
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