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Better get some good security Ronnie because you will not be aloud to leave.
1 hour ago
With Herrera out I can see us risking Carrick. Fletcher has declined horribly for understandable reasons and just doesn't offer what even a half fit Carrick ca...
Yeah SiF is right, the loan fee was not £16 million nor was it £5 million. We have to cover the entirety of his wages, he was making 9 million Euros a year n...
4 hours ago
Tbf Falcao is still building fitness, when he gets going he will score for fun as he always has done. Spot on with Balo though, why anyone celebrated that sig...
Agree with Dors. Well overrated, got that bite we could use in midfield but not good enough... Can be a serious liability as well.
He's injured I think. Lets not celebrate just yet... I think he is a gone next summer though, will have one year left on his deal and he will not be getting ne...
Ridiculously premature to be talking about 30-40 goals a season, do you know how hard that is especially for a player playing in the PL... Thierry Henry never e...
7 hours ago
Big club? Big clubs fill their ground for crunch CL games... Especially as its their first home CL game this season, it was the same when they hosted Madrid an...
They're totally deluded SiF. We outnumber them 3 to 1 comfortably, anyone who has spent a significant amount of time in Manchester will tell you that, they're ...
Matic is a titan. He is everything that we're missing from our midfield, what I would give for a player like him in a United shirt! Its not just the obvious ph...
1 day ago
Http:// Looks like it was true...
2 days ago
Http:// ffs Herrera has a fractured ri...
Looked more like a delivery to the far post but I wouldn't put it past him. But similar to Di Marias delivery against QPR its one of those deliverys where if ...
I'm assuming that's Corey Evans and not Johnny Evans?
3 days ago
I thought it was a terrible decision letting him go and I still do to some extent. But I wonder if the club was picking up on something in training? He hasn'...
@Shaymoose No one is saying it wasn't a red. Pretty much everyone agrees that it was. That is not the topic being discussed here, we're discussing refereeing...
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