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Why would we want Sneijder? Look I know he was a great player but he is well past his best and brings nothing to the table that Rooney / Mata are not already b...
21 hours ago
Those stats are quite selective, while they do show that Mata has a better end product (goals/assists) per minutes played it doesn't take into account stuff lik...
3 days ago
I think he's innocent, the case is very fishy but I genuinely don't think he had a part in it or at least knowingly had a part in it. Football players are not...
Statement from Herrera on the ongoing match fixing allegations from the La Liga game between Real Zaragoza and Levante in 2011... ______________________________...
@Cjay I also found that very odd as well. Considering the game was in 2011 I wonder why a prosecution has taken this long to be brought forward unless this ha...
4 days ago
The headline is really annoying. Just to make it clear ALL 40 individuals involved in the Zaragoza - Levante game have been named by the prosecutor, that's bo...
I don't think anyone is jumping to conclusions. Typically Van Gaal tends to struggle in his first 3 months and then his teams start winning and winning a lot, ...
Shots don't necessarily mean chances, there were plenty of pot shots being taken. Sterling had two good chances and Balotelli had 3 good chances, Henderson cou...
Its almost certainly being worked on rest assured. Bit of talk floating around the press that he's set to become the best paid goalkeeper in the world, he dese...
5 days ago
He's posted on twitter today clarifying a few things: "Story in Paper this morning Re stepping down as MU ...
"the cook is happy" lmfao
I wouldn't hold your breath mate, we're maintaining our imperious record of at least two injuries a week lol.
Courtois has all the experience and ability of Terry, Cahill and Ivanovich to draw on as well, Chelsea have a great defence. De Gea on the other hand is liter...
@Theatre Were you one of the "Van Gaal is no better than Moyes" brigade... lol
And that mindset is why he is managing this club and Gollum is battling relegation in Spain.
Your soul will suffice. Woody will tell you to f**k off anyway, go elsewhere.
He is imperious. Difference between the sides was the quality of the forwards, Rooney, RVP and Mata (albeit offside) took their chances, that was literally the...
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