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^ Why? because he had a great world cup and an okay season in Ligue 1? He only scored 4 goals and had 9 assists in Ligue 1. Still pretty raw.
22 hours ago
But did James Rodriguez have a great season besides the World Cup? I realize he did amazing during it but I didn't hear him tearing s**t up in France as much as...
4 days ago
Lol Chavski... classy.
1 week ago
James Rodriguez would have been my pick.
Schurrle's was fine.
Lol books Oscar for diving because no contact. Yet Blind is injured from the contact on Oscar. Bravo.
Hahhah- :(
2 weeks ago
Damn what a strike.
They couldn't even remember all the German scorers XD
Lol it was a good finish. He could have had a hat-trick though.
They've been awful McManaman isn't sugar coating anything lol
"And Ramires is somewhere in Asia, someone forgot to tell him to stop running during the last training." A comment on reddit in reply to someone asking why Ra...
Hey now "crappy murican team" those fighting words bud. I don't see Denmark in the World Cup.
Costa Rica also could have had a goal so 4-1 :P.
They seem to forget we beat them fair and square (in their eyes) at the Bridge so w/e.
I get the feeling you're Dutch.
Fractured vertebrae. That's terrible I wonder how long he'll be out besides this world cup.
They are going to have a pretty solid team next season. I may watch a couple games.
Did you see him against Algeria? Holy s**t. We'll see how the rest of the tournament goes but that game alone gives him a boost.
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