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Personally i think at this point its best we sell di maria.. makes no sense keeping both him and james... for his price perez will make it a must that james is ...
4 hours ago
Meh.... at this point in time dunga is right... he is trying to build his team now from scratch... he needs to call up players like coutinho, alex, danilo, trad...
Or.... or.... we beat atleti on friday and madrid goes on to have another great season... :)
1 day ago
My gosh Toni Kroos is class! should have scored a clear-ish one but he was definitively man of the match... i may not be correct but i cant remember seeing him ...
How is that in any way a keeper's fault? they let the ball squeeze through 3-4 players.... the defenders need to co-operate with one another better... and yea...
Pepe deserves to be a starter for madrid and thats why he is... Varane's time will come but pepe last season was our best and most consistent CB throughout the ...
LOL @ st1or speaking of inferiority complex
2 days ago
Dont see whats embarrassing there.... for all we know he is most likely just stretching his calves...which is a far more realistic thought than him all of a sud...
5 days ago
“Be so good they can't ignore you.” - Steve Martin
Buffon was an amazing keeper who is respected by everyone but at their best casillas is the better goal keeper.... at least in my opinion.. others may differ......
6 days ago
A letter from Diego Lopez http://www.realmadrid.com/en/news/2014/08/a-letter-from-diego-lopez
Pretty fair... kinda thought they shouldn't have allowed him to play friendlies for both club and country though but i found the punishment too strict to begin ...
^ lol agreed
“The secret to winning is that there is no secret. You need ambition, desire and commitment, and none of those are secrets.” - Carlo Ancelotti
1 week ago
"Navas isn't Lopez ? Wait what ? If I remember correctly it was all iker that was causing huge fuss playing 2nd fiddle to Lope" Really? Not once has casillas c...
2 weeks ago
Pepe was wrong to racially abuse anyone and should have been severely punished... he wasn't and keita didnt write any letter or make any sort of professional c...
3 weeks ago
Lol so you people thinks its ok to not shake someone's hand and then throw a water bottle at him (something which should result in a red and a suspension any no...
This may be a little of a weird question on footytube but does anyone know where i can download full cricket matches?
Think james would make a better false 9 than isco
DaGaza gave the Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid video a rating of 5
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