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Until luka comes back carlos should leave sergio in CDM and take illara to a pawn shop.. the guy does nothing on the field.. absolutely nothing... doesn't mark,...
16 hours ago
We lost 4-0 to atleti and then barcelona scrapped a 2-1 win in camp nou... last season was the same thing they said and in the end what we did to bayerns defens...
Good. A card for ramos..if they are smart ronaldo should try and get one aswell
17 hours ago
Should have left chica on and taken off isco
We need more possession... we trying to counter but not defending nearly well enough to try and soak up any sort of pressure. dont see us surviving a half hour ...
Isco doing nice little dribbles and all but has been doing very little in creating and linking up the attack... and its not only from today... meanwhile everyti...
@malik actually bayern play BVB on tuesday and then Leverkusen on saturday.... and then they play barca first leg 1) they are very likely to rest couple of pla...
19 hours ago
Well...Bayern today officially crowned champions of Germany.. You guys are gonna have to deal with a very well rested side on both legs... to me you are still f...
Everything for 4ever has been about Ronaldo's package lately lol.. i mean Hikmat and Danny fantasize about it too but u dont see them posting about it everyday ...
Of course i'd rather the champions league ... but no danny, i dont think La Liga has passed away.... he have more than enough quality to win every single game r...
Https://38.media.tumblr.com/8773440d6207aa80a521a3c57161f9bf/tumblr_nnciio7D7n1u0cgjso1_250.gif https://38.media.tumblr.com/be82e196466522a235bc8ff033a8143e/tu...
Actually Atelti have the best defense... Juve can be very defensive...
1 day ago
I think if Carlo continues to make no use of the bench we are gonna lose both La Liga and Champions League.... Chica has proven (more than once) that he is good...
Actually bale and benzema will be back for both legs... Modric however will be out of both :(
LOL! You know a guy is pumped up when he's singing to the CL like it were his national anthem :v https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sA7Lrre9bnM
2 days ago
Morata wasn't terrible last season... he hardly got to play to be honest... and jese stole the show last season...
I've watched this movie before... we wanted dortmund in the semi's, got them, got excited expecting to win, underestimated them, got our asses handed to us in G...
You guys got bayern.... got luck... lets hope for another spanish final
3 days ago
YES!!! we got Juve!
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