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Though we've been the team to knock them out all 3 times in the last 3 seasons, i'm tired of Atelti lol The second leg will now be the last Madrid derby ever p...
2 days ago
"Atleti vs Madrid again" "how can you have the same draw 4 years in a row and tell me its not rigged" "the draw is rigged to favor Madrid" "the balls are heated...
TheChelsea you realize all of that happened AFTER this offside goal, right? smh
3 days ago
Im not saying it isn't a close one.. but its an acceptable margin of error if you are not a Madridista.. if u are a madridista this is the goal that resulted ...
4 days ago
"super harsh to call" there is no such thing as super harsh to call on an offisde.. he is either off or he's on and he is off. and its not an inch.. half of...
He is ahead of the ball when muller chests it to him. In that situation Lewa has to be behind the line of the ball to be onside .. Teammates cant keep one anoth...
Https://streamable.com/1gsq9 What do you do when you realize that if it wasn't for this offside goal, u would have been knocked out at 90 minutes and not even ...
"Lewandowski was in line with Muller. When muller chest passed the ball to lewandowski he was in line with Muller." Lewa was ahead of the ball when muller ches...
You deleted his comments posts and now it looks like im arguing with myself down there lmao.. thanks Pejvl lol
@franky.. im not justfying a thing...not once did i say anything about the calls the ref made in favor of us.. just amusing how what went against us is just put...
@malik what are you talking about? Had Vidal gotten that second yellow... it would be before the penalties, before the fouls.. before the offsides.. before eve...
U know what that goal reminded me of... Messi sending Boateng back to Ghana and then chipping Neuer.... Asensio made hummels look like he was still in Dortmund....
There's only one person being bitch right now and it's not karma :D anyways run along now.. have a nice day
Cjayzz.. why u getting involved in this? get back in the kitchen!
"despite us having no Hummels and Boateng and Lewa we still were in the game." we were missing our two center backs and and a star forward... Nacho did a prett...
Casemiro's penalty was a yellow card offense? seriously lmao "Your club got miserably lucky" dafuq u talking about luck? you're lucky you even had a second le...
You know whats funny.... Vidal would have never received that incorrect second yellow in the end of the game had he received the correct second yellow in the 47...
Robben's was a clear dive.. its no wonder Casemiro went mad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzTgcC30JW0 and then boateng had an identical tackle on Casemiro w...
I dont think we under performed in any way. I was just irritated that we didn't score at least 1 more because we did have the chances and all of our shots went ...
1 week ago
Good game guys... still plenty of football to be played
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