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@leo I was actually replying to msnforce and now noticed that ur comment is in between.. But im ok with being ur son :)
3 hours ago
@msnforce lol woooooow you must be feeling so clever.. you must be exploding from the inside with so much pride.. but...who are you again?
4 hours ago
@Leo Who are you again?
6 hours ago
@franky lol do u take me for a mercenary? The touch is still there, the ninjas have just been chased out of the site
^ it actually took me 6 hours :) :) :)
10 hours ago
Another good one... statistics show that everytime madrid are given a penalty, uncle perez buys the ref a new sportscar... thats 10 sportcars in la liga alone ...
11 hours ago
Can you imagine we went to Camp Nou in 3 weeks time... got absolutely dominated.... had only 20% possession had only 2 shots at goal.. Ronaldo get nutmegged by ...
21 hours ago
Lol i dont think anyone is ASKING you to respect him... nor do they need you to... the type of player he is, titles he's won, records he's broken and the amount...
22 hours ago
@Maaza stop making excuses dude.. Madrid have obviously been diving their way to the top of the table lol
1 day ago
How many times do we have to keep bringing Barcelona back into this league? at home vs Villareal's bench and we failed to win.... now its Bilbao away from home....
Aint watchin the game cause of work. . How are we playing? Who playing good, who playin badly? Do we look like we gonna win?
And pepe is still in the team?! Lmao
Kinda nervous bout this game.... we need to be sharp in both attack and defense... especially in defense.... Villareal is a very dangerous team
I was at the dinner...
2 days ago
Hey Bro,how you? I just wanna enquire about a club called Atlético Paranaense,because one of rising talent named Romeo fernades set to join there.As a Brazilia...
Neymar ready to beat up a Man City kid yesterday because he called him a diver https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOBiwuG-C4Q Reporter : what did he say to you ...
4 days ago
Damn Tim Howard thats cold can you imagine if that was Ronaldo.... https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=891375634341303&fref=nf
5 days ago
Agree on Milner but Fernandinho is a very very good player... not as god as kroos and modric but city were much better when he came on... his pass to silva was ...
Personally im not saying the stat is useful in any way.. im also not really arguing with anyone... on the most part i actually agree with Jereon and Glennyboy.....
I wont say aguero cant take Benzema's place... but either one of them would be just as effective in the squad so because of that i will say we dont need him in ...
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