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Bayern have made a very good signing.... for about 3 seasons i've wanted madrid to show some interest in him... very talented and still a young player.. http:...
3 hours ago
Oops :p
Though obviously there are some legends missing, this is a brilliant pic https://twitter.com/SocialRMadrid/status/615992810030923776/photo/1
Ffs! ramos is 29 not 39... he could very well win 4 premiere league titles and 2 cl titles with united before he actually begins to decline physically. United...
1 day ago
Honestly, i might never be able to be in the same position as them but if i was making 2 million a year after tax and playing for Madrid, the only thing that co...
Lol I know what u mean.. it's like watching 11 illaramendi's out there...
4 days ago
Well... saying someone is a great player or is the best doesn't make u a fan of that player.. ..John Terry is very well one of the greatest CB England has ever ...
Happy bday to one of the greatest players to ever wear the Madrid shirt! https://vine.co/v/OV363KBq2tm
Tharius.. as u know.. no one in south america like argentina and definitively dont want them to win.... so now we gotta go clean up ur mess :p
5 days ago
^ honestly, if the two teams are unable to finish the game when they both have equal chances during 90 minutes and the extra time, then they dont deserve more p...
Lol there's only so much i can do for you guys :v :v :v u didnt wanna win it :p
You know a game is f****d up when a team's ball boy gets sent off :v
I have more faith in ur team than you... lol
Di Maria was always treated very well by both the fans and the rest of his teammates.. same as ozil... Angel's only feud would be with Perez for not wanting to ...
James to Nutmeg Messi today... and score one from out the box :D
Christian Cueva has had a good tournament and has been amazing in today's match... A great young talent to look out for...
6 days ago
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV-OwBnyC0M We've seen a lot of nonsense in football.. but this one is crazy lol
1 week ago
Im just playing... but i agree... this is some a new low lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV-OwBnyC0M
Or like randomly biting someone.... 3 times :p :p
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