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"At least until he gets injured again until next season." https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/5033176/gareth-bale-injured-athletic-bilbao-calf-muscle-durin...
1 week ago
He would be on the bench in Madrid... but he would make a great backup for isco...and we currently don't really have one.. but i'd prefer we focused on a CF who...
1 month ago
If Morata didnt bench benzema, Mayoral can forget about it. AS for Vallejo, he's been injured almost every week since the start of the season...Copa Del Rey m...
What you really need to ask yourself is.... "WOW... Is Bale really fit again?"
Puttu86 we definitely need fans from other fanbasses... bayern, liverpool, united, chelsea, etc etc.. glad ur joining. and yeah GloryRoad.... the group has peo...
2 months ago
We still love you, Peds < 3
Shame Carlo didn't work out. At first i thought it was crazy and so unlike Bayern.. i mean.. a lot can change from now til February. Bayern can still very reali...
Sanjeevdhital... the very clear handball on top of the line from CR's backheel wasn't a major error from referee in that game for anyone to talk about?
My thoughts exactly...... Absolutely reckless, irresponsible and moronic.. even an amateur coach won't do that kinda s**t... Marcelo gets injured so you put M...
It's 4 penalties we've not been given this season already... clear handball on top of the line that should have been followed with a red card. everything would...
Big performances from Mayoral and Theo.... Theo was solid almost the entire game and its great to see how he is more committed to the back 4 than to the attack....
Now Cjayzz, dont be too quick to take bale out the fire.. he's not our CF but he can't be missing 1v1 chances.. dont care who you are.. only one on the field al...
Most academy players are signed from other academies... so i understand what Vaaz is trying to say but he is an academy player. It's hard to find players who h...
3 months ago
Https://www.theplayerstribune.com/marcus-rashford-england-national-team/ Great read on Rashford and his life story..... In his own words
Https://media.giphy.com/media/l41K3ae5zAVRZFqCY/giphy.gif :D :) :D :) :D
Congratulations Madridistas and well done to the team. We've equaled the highest amount of titles in one year in our club's history with the chance to make it a...
Thats funny 4ever... ronaldo now thinking its all about him and childish but messi removing shirt is a symbol of teamwork and in no way arrogant loool. Franky....
4 months ago
"The Messi celebration" lmao Marcelo did that since 2014... its not childish.. its a direct reply.. deal with it. We had to
Ronaldo goes down on slight contact and its a second yellow and a sending off... Suarez goes down on the slightest contact (if any), is awarded a penalty and ...
We had no choice. Guy wanted to be a starter in his own team. He's deserved it. He doesn't have good chemistry with both Bale and Roanaldo on the pitch and the...
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