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Pepe was wrong to racially abuse anyone and should have been severely punished... he wasn't and keita didnt write any letter or make any sort of professional c...
1 day ago
Lol so you people thinks its ok to not shake someone's hand and then throw a water bottle at him (something which should result in a red and a suspension any no...
This may be a little of a weird question on footytube but does anyone know where i can download full cricket matches?
2 days ago
Think james would make a better false 9 than isco
3 days ago
Meh... Dnt know... Just think that there are better options out there to invest in.... Personally i would have loved to see the team try n bring mata back inste...
1 week ago
If di maria wants to leave then let it be... here is what i dont get.... why james? the price is already pretty revolting but ill try and ignore that part. i k...
With this club its hard to keep that much faith when it comes to transfers.... lost that last bit of faith i had when we sold Ozil
2 weeks ago
TONI F*CKING KROOS BAABAAAYY!! now if only we could keep Di Maria...
Thought navas was gonna win the golden glove... Neuer was entertaining as he came out unnecessarily like a maniac every time the other team attacked but when it...
Appart from that amazing run vs switzerland... There was nothing significant messi did after the group stage... Lets be fair I think if there is anything argen...
Says the spanish supporter :p
Someone has an opinion that differs from yours and its whining... Lol Anyways, after winning la decima, there is nothing that can truly get us pissed till the ...
Huh? Bayern's team was already a patient team with jupp... Which explains why they had the most amount of possession in football after barcelona....they were ju...
Lol could have been worse... Could have done nothing all season, scored goals in the easiest group of the tournament, scored none in the knockouts, won the worl...
Germany have always played like that.... If anything, this german side is the closest thing to jupp heynckes bayern ... With just one thing.... They don't run b...
^ no... A team that should have had 3 before germany had a shot on target ....
What? How the hell was messi the most outstanding player of the tournament? Sometimes i wonder if fifa watch their own tournament... Even neuer shouldnt have b...
Dont think the best team won.... As a brazilian i can humbly say that argentina should have won this final... Perhaps for the entire competition germany was the...
Tiki taka? Germany's football is nothing close to tiki taka
DaGaza gave the Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid video a rating of 5
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