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100 percent correct
1 hour ago
I know a lot of people admire it but i just hate guardiola's football.... oh gosh! so annoying
20 hours ago
21 hours ago
You see? that's the problem.. Everyone only remembers melo and dunga for not winning the World Cup but melo was also there when they made it first in the qualif...
With the way bayern keep the ball.. i think its pretty evident we will defend ourselves when we dont have the ball and attack when we do... whether we pull a ch...
1 day ago
I loved dunga's brazil Realfan we have spoken about that before bro... i know u disliked him mostly for him not taking ronaldinho to the world cup... but thats...
You know whats funny? everyone has been praising Atelti this entire season but thats exactly how they play.... "a team that plays with 8 men IN THEIR OWN BOX, ...
Not sure whats wrong with chelsea playing the way they played... it was a boring match but atleti hardly had any chances at home soil, where their only their on...
@shazli i watches the game... its like the third time they have been outplayed but still managed to win without conceding a goal... thats something you must ad...
5 days ago
Yes u would... even if u tie with them and we win all our matches, we win the league by a point... the question is... would barca players purposely lose at home...
Can't see why some barca fans out there are so convinced that di Maria was offside...... http://tinyurl.com/py3cpxq
1 week ago
Im so glad Ramos didnt catch him... Alves would have needed a stretcher and messi would have gotten that penalty he was so desperately waiting for :p http://w...
Arbeloa making sure that one way or the next Jese was in the celebrations :) https://24.media.tumblr.com/b3f54575ba24257643a733ddc1a12064/tumblr_n45bkszMby1rvn...
See for yourself http://cdn3.vox-cdn.com/assets/4311143/madridgoal.gif
We'll done madrid.. Alves is such a bitch
Nah... He wasn't that good in the first half... He has been great so far in the second... I give credit where it is due... I didn't say bale was playing badly.....
Not happy with bale in these big matches... He looked like he would murder them in the beginning but for 35 minutes after bale has been seen once.... Gotta move...
Hmmm Iniesta
Question... And other supporters can join in too... If there is/was any player in the world you wish you could play like... Who would it be?
1 month ago
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