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Watch this :v https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2lWrBZ1EIE
2 hours ago
@kinglucas Mourinho was never fired... if anything Perez was the only one in the club fighting to keep him for at least one more season.
Inter is NOT a rich club when u compare to others.... they are not broke but are not even close financially compared to Madrid, Barca, PSG, Chelsea City, Bayern...
Heard about this since yesterday but haven't looked into it. dont think its true, but what i do know is that Ronaldo joined and has been promoting a campaign (w...
8 hours ago
Would you prefer to build a team around James Rodrugez, Cristiano Ronaldo or Marcelo. Ray Hudson responds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smoZxIYO0fY honestly...
9 hours ago
Mayweather's earnings last night $180,000,000 for the fight $15,000,000 per round $5,000,000 per minute $83,333 per second He Made more money last night than ...
13 hours ago
Dont make me cry Jereon!
1 day ago
Bacca is one hell of a player tho... even on FUT he's a beast.... i said it before.. if he were in the premiere league and especially english they would worship...
I said it would take a lot of character to win in Seville and thats what the team brought today... Wasn't pleased with Carvajal nor Marcelo today and despite R...
True... think everyone prefers this st1or... @jereon....Realfan has been missing a lot lately... hmmmmmmm lol
Omg can u please get marcelo out of this f*****g field
Now we gonna let sevilla dominate us, create all the chances and only after they tie we gonna look to keep the ball and score another
Either way... ramos doesnt think before he goes into a challenge.. like a 12 year old youth team defender.. always anxious to win the ball. all he had to does i...
Honestly.. I cant stand his bullshit no more.... we had it... we had it all under control...
@drogalampard People realistically think he is gonna win the balon d'or... that's overatting him a little for me
No one beats thomas muller in that aspect lol... his skinny legs look like they're about to break when he's running :v :v..... and then he leaves the defender f...
So, for anyone who still doesn't know... Pogba is gonna miss the first leg vs us in Italy.. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11945/9830102/pogba-out-of...
2 days ago
^ nah
I wonder if bale will get to play
3 days ago
Very few comments on Sevilla.. People seem to be thinking more about Juve then the very important game on Saturday that comes before it. I dont expect us to win...
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