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@Alirezafcb when was Di Maria ever on the bench?
18 hours ago
And illara still has a lot of room for improvement..
Why would we need to cover up for Coentrao and Isco? They have been excellent signings IMO...
Hmmm truth is ronaldo does deserve punishment... in the end i think it looked way more serious on Camera than it actually was but it was a punch nonetheless.......
1 day ago
@barca fans In a way its actually a compliment.... For the last few years you guys have been winning so much that we've forgotten how annoying some of you can...
3 days ago
Oh it faded? dont worry.. it will come back soon.. what is it now? 6 games in a row and u cant beat them? 6 games in a row and u cant score more than 1 goal aga...
It's easy to tell when Barcelona haven't won anything...
Winning the champions league while watching that player and his team trophy-less must have made him feel a little warm inside dnt u think? as a barca fan, wit...
Sigh.... I thought that after finally winnin la decima carlo would put all of his focus on the defense... Were conceding some really dumb goals... In the end i ...
4 days ago
Why remove kroos?
@hikmat that would make sense... i think they could have made it look better though SIF dont say that bro cause we all know what happened to inter after they ...
5 days ago
Whats the dragon about? :S
6 days ago
As much as it hurts me to say this, you can have him...... for 70 million :D
Personally i think at this point its best we sell di maria.. makes no sense keeping both him and james... for his price perez will make it a must that james is ...
Meh.... at this point in time dunga is right... he is trying to build his team now from scratch... he needs to call up players like coutinho, alex, danilo, trad...
1 week ago
Or.... or.... we beat atleti on friday and madrid goes on to have another great season... :)
My gosh Toni Kroos is class! should have scored a clear-ish one but he was definitively man of the match... i may not be correct but i cant remember seeing him ...
How is that in any way a keeper's fault? they let the ball squeeze through 3-4 players.... the defenders need to co-operate with one another better... and yea...
Pepe deserves to be a starter for madrid and thats why he is... Varane's time will come but pepe last season was our best and most consistent CB throughout the ...
LOL @ st1or speaking of inferiority complex
DaGaza gave the Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid video a rating of 5
2 months ago
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