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Http://tinyurl.com/lb2cphm so Liverpool are ready to give 15 MILLION EUROS for Illaramendi... http://33.media.tumblr.com/25aa3ce9750419fc4c3e34e079d4263f/tum...
OMG and Pedmar totally fell for it :v :v :v :v st1or please dont lol @Jereon why cant you just sit there, open the damn link and get trolled like a normal pe...
Wow.... must really feel like an amazing season for you guys then...
Sigh, i cant stand perez anymore.. Its now official.. thanks for everything Carlo.. lets hope benitez can bring success to the club http://www.realmadrid.com...
1 day ago
Wait... is it the first time in 20 years winning the double or the first time in 20 years winning the cup?
2 titles... you could have let us have the champions league but nooooooooooooo, the greedy old lady had to have it all for herself eh?! lol congrats.. is it tr...
Yeah, uhhmm... hello... i don't ...uhhhhm.... mean do bother u or anything.. i was just... uhhhm.. wondering if you had a little title to spare for a team in ne...
Why Gareth, Why? .. why mate? Why? Why? Why would u do this? After all we've been through together.. why? Why now?.. why ever? Why mate!? https://pbs.twimg.co...
2 days ago
@Cjayzz we're trying to get Danny laid by a Brazilian girl on his bed... not by some big hairy guy in prison lol
3 days ago
A friend of mine earlier asked me one word to describe Real Madrid's 2015, I said "Illaramendi", took a second to realize what i had just said and then laughed ...
Brazilian girls love to hear about how they are prettier/hotter than girls from other countries. Especially if she is in a foreign country and your telling her ...
“Giving Cristiano that much time and space on the ball is like giving Dracula the keys to the blood bank” — Ray Hudson :v :v.. Someone needs to make a Ra...
4 days ago
I hope he stays in United.. not that he wouldn't be a good goalkeeper for us... but right now i feel the team needs someone it can have absolute confidence in.
Which part you talking about Danny? the moment he scored his second goal where he came all the way from behind the defender to beat him to the ball, or the coun...
@MU$ calm down.. i didnt say anything about anyone being hostile.. it was kinda just a woke... I also didnt say everyone was behaving that way.. "all over th...
On top of that Madrid never TOOK anyone. Good money was spent on every player BOUGHT from United. took is what Bayern did to BVB with Lewa...
Honestly, the only Man United player Madrid bought who they couldn't afford to lose was Ronaldo. and they basically returned the favor when they took Di Maria.....
Lol you too Yaldho?
Seriously dude, i came to see whether or not United fans would like to keep RVP and if not, who else they would like to get and you busy making a scene for some...
@TCC solution is simple... we will probably look to sign more United players just to see you actin up again :)
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