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Yes he is... and like i said.. he didnt get him, so he moved on to the next best thing and it ended up being the best decision... both in football (la decima ) ...
1 hour ago
The kid is not madrid material... i dont like asking for players to leave but illara needs to be sold... he isn't alonso's replacement, he cant control the mid...
3 hours ago
Terrible performance... terrible terrible terrible... to me only Varane and Casillas performed well... the rest were awful... cant decide who was worse... ramos...
4 hours ago
At the end bale has been better and im sure perez doesn't regret it... especially not after winning la decima... seeing neymar in madrid would have been nice-is...
I think if we had really offered 150 million pounds im sure he wouldnt be wearing red and blue right now
5 hours ago
The first two goals were pretty stupid.... but barca played very well away from home to a team like PSG
1 day ago
On paper their front is better... i think that on paper Benz kinda drags us down (not that he isn't a great striker) but like i said... knowing what our trio ca...
2 days ago
I know we do.... im just saying... if Chica wasn't already with us and we were still looking...
I would rather see suarez play first.... he was great in the premiere league but we dont know how he will do in spain.. and with a team as complex as barca espe...
I dont mind having chica but since we werent gonna sign an expensive striker , it would have been nice to see the club bring back callejon :) BTW he just scor...
3 days ago
Good game... 3 points away to a tough tough team... i think we can consider this two clean sheets in a row... in the last game we conceded a goal from a penalty...
4 days ago
Despite everything in this start of the season and all the fun made of, united are still on top of liverpool... seems like things slowly beginning to go back to...
Simple solution.... dont keep more possession than the other team...
Why would someone wanna change anything in Ronaldo
5 days ago
Wanted them to lose but a draw will do... 4 points behind them now... if we can only focus and fix our issues, then we can put ourselves in a good position to w...
1 week ago
Its getting annoying lol.... thats 10 games in a row they score from corners right?
Gotta watch out for Celta as well.... not sure how well they are gonna do in the long run but they have started the season very well... 5 games and no defeat......
So... some stats for those who aren't following... CR7 now has 10 goals in his last 5 games, 8 goals in his last 3 games... he is La Liga's top scorer with 9 g...
Like i said earlier... its honestly an easy pick this season...
Isco was amazing... but what im really loving from him is his hard work ... the man is fighting for every ball.... Carlo has turned him into an even better play...
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