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Higuain is ONLY 29...... he can easily make that kinda move for money by the age of 33 or something.... perhaps not for as much money but we've always wondered...
1 week ago
^ its hard not to agree with you. Varane was starting games last season under Benitez and he would have been under Zizou but he got injured (something thats be...
Thats the thing.. he doesn't want a fair share of games... he wants to be a starter and a guy of his talent and age, u cant blame him.
Im not sure if Varane will have the patience to wait but now i'm beginning to wonder whether he will remain with us for long. He is certainly one for the future...
Lol yeah bro i was just messing around lol
I don't think Nani realizes CR was about to leave that silver boot with the security guard on his way out LOL :v
2 weeks ago
The international champions cup on the 30th vs celtic http://int.soccerway.com/international/world/international-champions-cup/2016/north-america/r34980/
Haha i know you love CR and i like him too but everyone has their own opinion and we just gotta respect it. I as a madrid fan think Messi is better than CR ev...
Gotta give props to the entire portuguese team.... if this tournament shows us anything, its that one player cant win a title by himself. Ronaldo had poor matc...
Pepe best CB of this tournament... Don't care what anyone says about him.. he is one of the best CB's in the game. and no doubt the best CB in the year of 2016...
Yeah ESPN were destroying them earlier LOL. so stupid
So... Cristiano is now the only player to score in 4 EURO tournaments, only player to play in 3 EURO semi-finals, is now this year's competition second top scor...
During these 21 months he will be allowed to play football? or allowed to leave the country for international football???
Yes.. but again.. like i said.. they made the finals 3 times... its a lot of work to make the finals and to make it you need to be a good side and Argentina are...
4 weeks ago
He is an amazing talent... but how much does Aguero chocke in big games? i've said that for a few years and i've taken A LOT of heat for saying it..... but what...
Generally south american federations try to select the teams instead of letting the managers do the job.. and thats wrong of them.. but in this case its crazy t...
Messi announces retirement from international football??? holy s**t.. biggest rage quit of the century... i wasn't expecting that... https://twitter.com/Socce...
"when your legs dont work like they used to before...." ever heard this song boys? its top notch.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRHP_hKxCn8
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