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It wasn't really about CR he was just an example... Ever since i began watching football the FCB fan base has always had a hard time appreciating others... be i...
3 hours ago
How amazing was Alonso today? I really miss his defensive work..tiger was so so poor today but Alonso kept bayern in possession of the ball almost single handed...
5 hours ago
Lol how does it end all debate? They are an amazing trio... but bale-benz-cristiano have ALREADY WON a CL title together in their first season... along with 3 o...
Epl= 35 games, leader 13 points ahead, competition over Bundesliga= 31 games, leader 14 points ahead, competition over Serie A= 34 games, leader 15 points ahe...
Yes, messi is an outstanding player.. but u've never been a madrid fan :v
6 hours ago
Easy... wasn't trying to play any upper hand...just something i've noticed for a while now... especially when it comes to ronaldo
8 hours ago
Lol given our last performance.. the Universe is fed up of real madrid :p
Always see Madridistas appreciate other teams.. including arch rivals... cant say i always see the same form the opposite number
I called it the minute the draw was made... .... Barcelona are just the better team, even if bayern had all their players they still wouldn't beat them... MAybe...
But i think thats due to Madrid's excellent defensive work last season vs them... Tho barca players are doing well defensively, with all that room Robben and Ri...
9 hours ago
:v what a goal... poor boateng :v
Hahaha.. neuer is like that annoying a-hole in FIFA who always rushes the keeper off his goal the exact moment u finally get a through ball in
Tiger seems to really be struggling... if he can get in the game Bayern would improve massively
10 hours ago
Only player from Barcelona i wanted to see in Madrid while he was still there... So much talent on his feet, always calm, composed and confident under pressure
Check your wall mate
It's like the two are competing for who has the highest back line lol cant help but feel that Robben would have had a great game today with all that space on t...
Kroos has made up for it on the most part with the way he dictates the game week in week out but sometimes we miss Xabi's defensive work.. definitively Bayern's...
Its not really the result... its the performance... for years now Madrid have been extremely inconsistent throughout seasons, months or weeks... the fans are ju...
11 hours ago
Why lord... why?!
12 hours ago
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