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Almost no Madrid fans are stating that we are already in the final.... If anything, its the other fan bases who keep telling us that we drew an easy team, tha...
3 hours ago
Cheated where? Arguably the only call the ref got wrong in this game was the penalty that looked outside the box and that was saved by Neuer
Well..if Madrid win tomorrow.. that WILL happen lol... same thing if Sevilla and Villareal advance into the final.... Spanish teams will win both Champions le...
VonBonitoC its not going defensive... its remaining balanced as a squad against a team that can certainly hurt us. Its not just about a player making number ...
Im worried more about Miro than Benzema, Sanchez. We have no other player who comes close to miro's defensive contribution in that midfield and we playing a gam...
13 hours ago
Its been officialy confirmed by Zidane.. "Ronaldo will play, Casemiro and Benzema wont".... they are both out of the 21 man squad for the game. https://twitt...
15 hours ago
Most times being so close and not making it hurts a lot more than not being able to compete for it at all. Everyone is happy for Leicester and so am I but give...
18 hours ago
So the Rumors for the day is that CR is fine to play v City and that Benz is a doubt. But given how Zidane said everyone in the BBC was 100% and we lost 2 of th...
1 day ago
Fans in spain aren't even satisfied with Ronaldo... that alone should tell u how seriously most of the local madrid supporters should be taken...
4 days ago
The BBC have only played 19 out of 47 games together this season... thats equals to 40 percent of Real Madrid matches... and its very very likely to be 19 out...
5 days ago
^ uuuhhmmm.... Because that's what the post, the topic and the link is about.... @franky because its their home.. thats why its called a home advantage... n...
Literally no Wolfsburg fan or player complained about the pitch being wide but Barca fans still moaning.. LOOOL Im hearing about grass being dry and being 10 ...
LOOOL Pep complaining about the grass in the Calderon and literally making them measure it with a ruler LMAO! im sure xavi must have been somewhere in Qatar w...
6 days ago
Im hearing Benz is more of a worry than CR.. and CR did say that has it been a final he would have played... What really worries me is either one of them starti...
Its definitely not cheating.. People say its dirty.. but which is the dirtier tactical foul, holding someone by their arm until the ref blows the whistle or swi...
I knew it was bullshit when Zizou said the BBC were all 100%. I called it before the match that he said BBC were all fine and in the 23rd minute benzema was gon...
". Even if they win the finals, it will be unsatisfying" it will be very satisfying to me :) :) :)
Yep. Pepe and Ramos today were nearly impenetrable
1 week ago
Was a boring game in general but im glad with the performance. Not that glad with the result as i felt we should have walked out of manchester with a goal or tw...
Thanks... the away goal is indeed the worry for Madrid.
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