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Lol #blamenaldo
1 hour ago
Pevjl... what did i tell you about arguing with Barca fans? lol
1 day ago
@st1or lol i thought that was already obvious but its always good when someone comes out and speaks the truth... mama would be proud ;')
Dont know about that but Messi's definitively better at avoiding the taxman :D
He must absolutely hate bale for scoring for the Welsh National Team before him...
^ which is why to me he just needs to change the damn technique.. at least from close... have u seen when he takes a freekick with the side of his foot? it almo...
Undeniable footage shows Ronaldo angry that Ricardo Carvalho scored a goal instead of him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNWMYlbZcns Some sites are reportin...
Great game from Coentrao.. played for portugal today in ronaldo's position at Left wing... got 1 goal and an assist, man of the match performance but then subbe...
He sounding like one of those bernabeu fans... all about hate hate hate.... of course, thats if he even is a madrid fan and not a fake account.... #blamecarloti...
^ ahhh yes.. there it is... that long awaited comment on how its Ronaldo's fault bale has been doing jack s**t in a white shirt... like how it was also his faul...
Lmao get the f**k out!
Lmao get the f**k out!
^ Toni has never scored a freekick in his career......
Lovely... no doubt he should be taking freekicks for madrid.. not only towards the right but at least towards the middle as well
2 days ago
Dawich forfeit on me so i guess that an automatic 3-0.... woot! woot! :D
Omedking 1-1 shortyphilly
^ exactly!
Adambabyj http://www.footytube.com/forums/off-topic/fifa-15-tournament-ps4-only-31361/
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