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DP = Double Penetration? Whatever floats your boat chap!
2 days ago
Don't forget Portugal! They went all the way to PK's.
Right? Haha this is hilarious
Now it's balanced, let's take them out! 3+ goals needed from Barca this overtime!
This ref...haha
Replay doesn't look like it's a foul. It was a fake he was holding onto the Sevilla Jersey
Well...this game is going from worse to worse...we need some magic!
Nacho has been greedy and his first touch has been horrendous today. Aguero just hasn't been clinical today. We need a miracle!
1 week ago
We have a non existent mid, it hurts not having Silva in the mid to help....Nacho is being very greedy this game as well. Swansea was disallowed a legit goal. W...
I know :) I just didn't want it to jynx us so I used a counter curse ;)
Another trophy! Well done lads sucked we had to worry about it until the last game but completely worth it!
Ah either way he's had good through balls we haven't been able to capitalize on.
Agreed we need to stream roll them
Keep your witchcraft and sorcery jynxing away from here until the end of the game...Thank you! And remember to google cute baby animal pictures on the internet...
@F4F Messi seems to be playing more of a midfielder position, he's had several dangerous through balls that we haven't been able to capitalize on. It was his ba...
I think baby ferret's are cute :)
We want more!
Yup but what a pass from Masch!
2 years ago
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4 years ago
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