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Well there you go...Argentina f*****g up yet again....three consecutive competitions in a god damn row....
2 days ago
Bleh every damn time...Argentina is a team of shanks.....
Belgium finally picking it up
How the f**k were they not lucky? This third place bull s**t in Euros is the dumbest thing I've seen in a long time.
3 days ago
France vs Ireland is a very entertaining game!
@f4f google Clinton murders/disappearance...If you have the $$$ murders & mysterious disappearances will go unnoticed.
They're all s**t...all depends if you want a murderous bitch in the house or an egotistical prick. I'm just trying to find a good enough job outside of the US b...
It was only time until Mexico meet a team from South America that is on fire.
1 week ago
Lebron James = Christiano Ronaldo....they're one in the same just in different sports. Great athletes but whiny little bitches that think they are the goat.
Must have been great! Glad you got to watch Argentina play!
Saw it coming...the North and Central American teams are absolute s**t!
Wanted to go to the Ecuador vs Haiti game in New Jersey but cost too much plus I'm on call this weekend :(
2 weeks ago
Some awesome games going on in Copa America!
@F4F I was being sarcastic ;) This is the meme I was quoting
1 month ago
@M66 because Barca is love! (Go youtube Shrek is love on're welcome)
Wearing his old man diaper cuz he shat himself?....tell us! The suspense is killing us!
@C Ukraine and Croatia has had a soft spot in my heart for Europe haha and who can complain about bright yellow jerseys and checkered jerseys (used to love play...
So two great cups coming up! Copa America and Euro Cup! Who's your favourites to win? Mine: Copa America: Argentina or Ecuador Euro Cup: Croatia or Ukraine
His mom?....ohhhhhhhhhh
2 years ago
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4 years ago
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