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Ahh so another pon site Aliko? :P
1 month ago
Jbear has turrets did everybody not know that?
Yup at your local futbol bar, illegally through your laptop/smartphone/computer, or through cable/satellite etc. :) hope this was helpful
@A201 I watch plenty (i was born and raised in Ecuador, watched Ecuador beat Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay live at el Estadio Atahualpa), the big ...
Well apparently playing dirty as f**k wins you the Copa...Shitty ass refs whole f*****g competition, dirty ass f*****g South American teams (several teams had s...
Is it sad that i automatically read that as a joke being a smart ass scarcastic ass hole myself :P haha
Too close for my liking...Argentina needs to be more clinical this would have never gone down to the PK's if Argentina would have finished their chances. Ya Col...
2 months ago
Ya but Argentina was piss poor in finishing, they can only blame themselves....blah
I hate pks with a passion...don't get why they don't have the 2 15 min halfs before pks....
Wow Colombia has been lucky as hell...
Ya its a filthy game, the ref let it get out of control now hes trying to gain control back but not doing a very good job at it...
And i like english muffins :)
Love how people don't realize Whatsapp isn't free, it's free for the first year then they charge you every year afterwards haha ;)
One thing i hate about Argentina is they get lazy and complacent after a few goals thinking they have it and give it away in the end...extremely irritating espe...
@Alf watch the 2nd goal closely its right there, could have been either way, didn't give enough angles
And that lines man was s**t the 2nd goal was offside... #paidref
For diving? I give him a 10/10 for winning the diving competition for that lovely cork screw spin.
And the best part the announcers praising Vidal and calling him brilliant for f*****g exaggerating....
Love how refs love calling flops as pk's....f*****g bull s**t....
@Che watch it :P Ecuador has some very talented forward. Should be fun watching them beat Chile!
1 year ago
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