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Glad I didn't tune into the game would be even more heart broken about the s**t performance then I already am.
1 week ago
What a great game! Clean sheet! Jesus is looking amazing worth every penny we spent on him! More confidence in the team in loving this!
3 weeks ago
I get that the ref doesn't want to ruin the game by expulsing players but when they know they will get away with it they'll keep on fouling.
What a nail biting game! Of course Atleti played dirty and got away with it. It's their playing style. Barca played a great first half but slipped up on the sec...
I'm not a Trump supporter...I've seen tons of click bait on both sides. Trump banned people from 7 countries from entering the US for 90 days until they figure ...
St. Obama did the same thing in 2011...honestly both presidential options where crap and the third party is too small to get any real votes. He definitely has a...
Finally chances being put away. Could you imagine how many assists Messi would have if the team put all his assists to bed?
1 month ago
Really good first half. s**t finishing though...So many wasted chances!
To beat Arsenal...which he did :D this season is about building the youth system and rebuilding the first team. And I'm guessing you're happy with getting 4th ...
@Jeroen more like piss poor. Nope I'm not one of those fans yelling "bring Hart back"...haha
Out with the old and in with the new...time to get rid of this aging squad and replace it with some youth from our system and a few more world class players. So...
So piss poor with finishing....
Not the prettiest of wins but a win is a win! 3 wins and let's continue this momentum!
Barca just has a beastly team and works together well. Chelsea has been rather shitty until recently and everybody played for themselves or the paycheck but sin...
Excited to see us hungry again! We're just gonna keep getting better from here on out!
2 months ago
We'll awful if you compare it to the second half :P
What a filthy game Messi and Iniesta put on! I swear I'd quit after getting schooled that hard not just one but several times throughout the game! Suarez puttin...
Yup first and second half were two different teams!
Terrible first half. That second half though! We controlled the tempo, got the goals and defended well all around that second half! Arsenal did slow down but we...
2 years ago
3 years ago
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