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I think Cesc plays that way cuz look at the team he's coming from Arsenal. Always play great in the start and flop in the end :/ its a routine Barca needs to ge...
2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
There were no tanning beds at Sevilla to prep him before the game....haha
@JRaty the BUS parking
If Mou was Barca's coach I'd personally fly to Barcelona and stab him in the eyes with a spoon....Then fly back to my home. Honestly we'd probably be better of...
I bet you will ;) hahaha
Its a BPL website mate ;) get it right :P
Yup Camp Nou Huggies hahahhaha
Martino also spoke about Carles Puyol’s announcement that he is leaving FC Barcelona at the end of the season...The manager did admit, however, that “the cl...
Anybody else here like fried chicken? cuz damn do i like myself a delicious fried chicken :)
For being Tata's first year hell yes i think Barca is doing great, I hope to see the team pick it up and start playing like they want it and we see it i spurts ...
PISS!!!! all I got to say about this hahahha
How would you like to suck my.... So many whinny bitching people on this page.... I'll go back to drinking my beer now...
Douche move tbs douche move :P haha
Wow didn't even make the short list...I'm crying inside, i missed you so very much :'(
2 months ago
@Northgreen they have a healthy menu at McDonalds! How the hell is that not promoting health? hahahah :P
@F4F I would believe you but you said EPL and I was like nope he obviously didn't see him cuz they're BPL teams ;) haha just joking with you but seriously start...
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