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Sterling saving our ass this season! He's really come out of his shell and putting out some awesome performances
2 weeks ago
Biggest part is time. I still come on here but I'm not as active is I was back in the day. I'm sure most have moved over to Reddit or something like that for th...
It's quiet too quiet.... Be careful it's a trap!
Welcome back NCH!
1 month ago
Digne! My streams laggy af but glad I'm watching this game!
Messi to the rescue! ! what a free kick!
And a red to top off the half
Milan is in a dire need of a good coach. The current one isn't cutting it. Both Inter and Milan really need to step it up it's sad not seeing them consistently ...
Milan fan myself. Napoli cannot be taken lightly. The whole team in general is looking really good. I'm sure pep will rotate. It's one thing he's known for.
What a game! Hoping for another stellar performance mid week against Napoli!
Don't use WhatsApp haha
Definitely a better second half
2 months ago
We're playing some s**t football. Looks like a practice match and not a legit match especially with no spectators
Great start to the season I hope we keep it up and give Chelsea a spanking!
I hate him he's an egotistical piece of s**t.
We're s**t at finishing plain and simple. Plenty of chances and so many lost opportunities.
3 months ago
Yup hacked haha
Blah s**t way to start our first half of our second game....
I hate both clubs but I hate madrid more so sorry not sorry
7 months ago
Wow what a game! Wish we would have played with this type of energy all year. But let's hope for a madrid slip up in both la Liga and UCL.
3 years ago
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5 years ago
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