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@F4F I was being sarcastic ;) This is the meme I was quoting
2 days ago
@M66 because Barca is love! (Go youtube Shrek is love on're welcome)
Wearing his old man diaper cuz he shat himself?....tell us! The suspense is killing us!
@C Ukraine and Croatia has had a soft spot in my heart for Europe haha and who can complain about bright yellow jerseys and checkered jerseys (used to love play...
So two great cups coming up! Copa America and Euro Cup! Who's your favourites to win? Mine: Copa America: Argentina or Ecuador Euro Cup: Croatia or Ukraine
His mom?....ohhhhhhhhhh
@MU should I take a bow? @H what "sexist things" do you see on these posts? No one here gives a s**t of it's a man our woman posting this or a f*****g unicorn ...
@Cloudst stop posting things that'll turn on the Madrid fans ;)
@F4F did you just assume their gender? You never know on these sites plus with what the "pc" world tells us, you can be whatever gender you want to be ;) @MU yo...
Also the much coveted pichinchi! That pk was worth five goals!
So did anybody else notice that this chap loves the two most hated clubs in the world? haha United and Real nice username....
Yup just like Chelsea from 2012 the most undeserved team won...but that's sports after all. The best teams don't always win. Sometimes you need a little luck.
DP = Double Penetration? Whatever floats your boat chap!
1 week ago
Don't forget Portugal! They went all the way to PK's.
Right? Haha this is hilarious
Now it's balanced, let's take them out! 3+ goals needed from Barca this overtime!
This ref...haha
Replay doesn't look like it's a foul. It was a fake he was holding onto the Sevilla Jersey
2 years ago
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4 years ago
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